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More than 6 million young people across the country are celebrating National 4-H Week Oct. 5-11 by sharing 4-H pride photos using #iam4H. This pride is worth celebrating.


One in five Iowa youth have been involved in Iowa State University Extension and Outreach's 4-H Youth Development programs the past year - that's more than 100,000 young people. They work as partners with caring adults - 7,000 adult 4-H volunteers and 165 county and state 4-H staff - to plan and work for individual and community change.


Iowa has a great deal of 4-H pride. Examples include:

  • Approximately 250 Marshall County youth learned the importance of eating healthy, how to grow food, and healthy foods choices.
  • Twenty-one Osceola County youth Skyped with a NASA engineer (an ISU alum) as part of their Mars exploration experiences at NASA Mars Rover STEM camp.
  • Western Iowa youth on the Aquatics Robotics Team tested a water body for chemical elements and transparency all summer.
  • Some 350 West Des Moines Public School middle school students moved from grade school to middle school more easily after participating in a transitioning program called "a fun way to learn."
  • Southeast Iowa tech team members used GPS and ARCGIS software to map out trees of the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge Oak Savannah to protect the globally endangered plants and animals represented in this ecosystem.
  • 200 students on Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness 4-H teams communicate goals and aspirations while educating peers, younger students, school staff and the community about good nutrition, local food systems and active living.

Follow Iowa 4-H on Twitter to learn more. Every Iowa community has the potential to share 4-H pride, and that is the beauty of this celebration - and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach programs." 


Did you know? Young people involved in 4-H are nearly four times more likely to contribute to their communities; two times more likely to pursue healthy behaviors; and two times more likely to engage in STEM programs outside of normal school hours (Tufts University 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development).
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The Alliance for Iowa State is maintained by the Iowa State University Alumni Association. 


The Alliance for Iowa State is a coalition of Iowa State University alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends.

The Alliance advocates Iowa State University's land grant mission throughout Iowa while focusing its advocacy on

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