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Iowa's animal agriculture industry has been hit hard by porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv), a deadly virus that's quickly infected swine herds across the U.S.


The Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory identified the first U.S. cases of PED last April, and recently identified a new strain of PEDv circulating in U.S. swine herds. Innovative diagnostic technologies at Iowa State are essential to quickly detect and fight diseases, and protect and grow Iowa's export-centric animal agricultural industries.


Investments in diagnostic technologies at Iowa State have led to many firsts in the U.S. related to PEDv in 2013:


  • 1st to identify and diagnose PEDv
  • 1st to grow PEDv in cell culture
  • 1st to develop and provide same-day molecular diagnostic tests for producers
  • 1st to sequence the genome and fully characterize the U.S. PEDv; and to identify its origin
  • 1st to have a modified-live vaccine candidate in development


Because of leadership in PEDv diagnostic medicine, our faculty have been awarded several research grants to establish best practices in control and prevention of PEDv.


Did you know? Caseload at the laboratory has increased 95% in four years!


The Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory--Iowa's only full-service and fully accredited veterinary diagnostic laboratory--applies world-class technology to solve real-world problems impacting Iowans.

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