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The Iowa Board of Regents voted today to freeze tuition for resident, undergraduate students at all three public universities in Iowa for the second year in a row! The tuition freeze is subject to legislative investment  in 2014 and is a partnership  between the Regents, the Iowa General Assembly, and Governor Branstad to make high quality college experiences more accessible and affordable for Iowans.


Keeping costs low and reducing student debt is one of Iowa State University's top priorities.


Iowa State has a four-pronged approach for ensuring students are provided with an affordable college education and have access to resources to help minimize their accrual of student debt. 

  1. Holding down costs: Iowa State is recognized widely for the quality of its academic programs and keeping administrative costs low. The university continues to improve efficiency and stretch the most value from tuition and state appropriated dollars.
  2. Enhancing students' financial literacy: Greater understanding of personal finance, including student loans, is essential in order to reduce the level of student debt. Iowa State is one of only a few major universities that provide full-service financial counseling clinics.
  3. Identifying alternative and lower-cost paths to a degree: Iowa State continues to work on enhancing partnerships with high schools and community colleges throughout the state.
  4. Identifying alternative sources of funding for student scholarships and increase opportunities for work study: Student scholarships are a priority when designing fundraising campaigns and initiatives. Institutional work study programs supplement federal program dollars, allowing employment for more students on campus, creating connections to the university, providing work experience, and facilitating affordability.

Did you know? This is the first time back-to-back tuition freezes have occurred at Iowa State University since 1975!

 Iowa State's Mission:
Create, share, and apply knowledge to make 
Iowa and the world a better place.

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The Alliance for Iowa State is maintained by the Iowa State University Alumni Association. 


The Alliance for Iowa State is a coalition of Iowa State University alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends.

The Alliance advocates Iowa State University's land grant mission throughout Iowa while focusing its advocacy on

state legislators and public policy makers.