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One of Iowa State University's top legislative priorities this year is the bioeconomy initiative. It's important to promote a vision of Iowa as the place that not only excels in growing crops, producing biofuels, and raising livestock and poultry, but that is home to the next generation of biorenewables and biorefinery capabilities.


The goal of the bioeconomy initiative is to secure national leadership in the emerging bioeconomy by anticipating the rapidly changing landscape of this field before anyone else. Pressure for science to show more commercial impact, along with contracting budgets at federal research agencies, will shift research towards projects that develop fundamental discoveries into practical technologies. Iowa State University--with natural strengths in agriculture, engineering and science and world-class laboratories--is well positioned to lead in the bioeconomy research sector.


Did you know? Iowa State University reaches across all 99 counties in Iowa! Check out the county fact map on the Alliance for Iowa State website to see how Iowa State directly impacts your local community.



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The Alliance for Iowa State is maintained by the Iowa State University Alumni Association. 


The Alliance for Iowa State is a coalition of Iowa State University alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends.

The Alliance advocates Iowa State University's land grant mission throughout Iowa while focusing its advocacy on

state legislators and public policy makers.