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February 5, 2015
Scalar Heart Connection

February is the month of connecting to the hearts of those we love. It is also an opportunity to connect with the hearts of others from all points of the globe and to the heart of the Earth.

Thank you for being an important heart amongst the global community. When we connect to our heart's innate wisdom, we radiate positive energy that touches all those around us.

This newsletter is just one way for all our unique hearts to connect. Please pass the word along to your friends and family about Scalar Heart Connection.

Wishing you much light and joy!




The heart will always tell us what we need to know. We only need to know how to ask and how to listen. 

Heart to Heart with the Earth - A group session in Maui

Practitioner Case Study:

At the end of a recent workshop in Maui, we did a Scalar Heart Connection session for the Earth.

The group consensus was to do the session around the Issue of the Earth's resilience and sustainability, particularly around her relationship with humans.

We let our heart's guide us in determining who in the room would be the one to choose a number as proxy for Earth. The first number chosen was related to the Heart Chakra and the Emotion: "Selfish."

The next step in the process is to ask our heart to show us a number related to our Negative Mind-brain Conditioned Response or belief surrounding the unresolved emotion of 'selfish.' One of the participants chose the number related to the statement: "I am unlovable."

The group was overcome with the feeling of sadness with the thought that the Earth felt unlovable. The emotion of 'selfish' started to feel like it was directed towards us humans.

Another participant then asked their heart, on behalf of the Earth, to show them a number related to the Positive Heart Response to the Issue. They chose a number related to the statement: "My heart is wide open to give and receive love easily." This felt like the natural state of the Earth and filled us with remorse. 
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Congratulations to Our Latest Certified Practitioner

Please join me in welcoming Lael Belove as our latest  Certified Practitioner.

Lael is the founder of Y.E.S. Innerprizes, which is committed to creating a heart-full world of individuals and businesses, one YES at a time. She connects people to the wisdom of their hearts, inspires them to find their most life-enhancing Yeses, and maintain their commitment to creating a new story for the trajectory of their lives-no matter how dark the caverns of the past. Her methods now include Scalar Heart Connection along with co-active coaching, energetic alchemy, deep soul diving, spoon-bending, and practical life and communication skills. Her new project, in alliance with Conversation Café's Future of Story, launches within the first quarter of 2015 at a Los Angeles film theater.


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Sacred Geometry Pendant Necklaces

We are excited to offer Sacred Geometry Pendant necklaces designed by Marguerite Cummings. She has a beautiful collection of Metatron's Cube necklaces that we couldn't live without.

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Connecting Hearts Globally

The number of people using the free online Ask Your Heart session continues to increase and include hearts from more areas around the globe.

In the last thirty days, people used the program in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland,  Netherlands, Russia, United Kingdom, and all across the Untied States. 

Many people have reported that the simple Ask Your Heart version has made huge shifts in how they respond and feel about the every day issues that arise in their lives. We are happy to see it grow and look forward to the day it connects hearts from all corners of Earth. 

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Upcoming Workshops


Join us in Brazil: 
April 25-26

Join us in Seattle: 
May 23-24  
  • Explore how synchronicity and the archetypes motivate us towards expanded consciousness. 
  • Discover the behavioral patterns from earlier experiences that condition our inhibitions and inner contradictions and cause us to lose our connection to our authentic Self.     
  • Learn how our negative mind-brain conditioning is often deeply rooted in ancestral inheritance patterns stemming from unresolved issues/traumas/beliefs from our parent's parents.      
  • Investigate how sacred geometry relates to quantum physics and provides a matrix for accessing negative emotions and stress triggers.     
  • Find out how the heart is the gateway to the scalar field of unlimited potentiality and learn how to access the innate wisdom of your own heart.

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The Scalar Heart Connection session I had shifted my level of happiness. There was more spring in my step. There was a higher sense of well-being. I felt happier even with a lot of things that are going on in my life. I was still able to carry that vibration. ~ Brenda Michaels,  Conscious Talk Radio 

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Ask Your Heart is Now an App

Now you can ask your heart on the go. Discover your heart's intuitive answers to what troubles you. Enter your Issue or Problem and follow the remaining simple steps.      
About Us

Scalar Heart Connection is more than a process for positive change, it is a community focused on enriching the lives of human beings by deepening their connection to each other and to the planet.

Scalar Heart Connection is easy to use and fun to experience. It helps people identify disharmonies within the chakras and meridian energy channels. A lack of coherence within these energy systems weakens the resonance pattern of what we are trying to manifest in our lives. Once we move out of resonance with stress, depression, and self-sabotaging vibrations, we can strengthen the energy patterns and thought-forms that are life-enhancing.