Session Update - Family Tree
October 7, 2014

Great news! We have expanded the Ancestral/Genetic segment under the Earlier Experience to include the Family Tree.

Our negative mind-brain conditioning is often deeply rooted in ancestral patterns stemming from unresolved issues/traumas/beliefs from our parent's parents. If you believe in reincarnation, you can also look at this as resonant memory patterns carried over from a past life. There can also be members in our family tree who were traumatized, cast out of the family, or committed suicide. The memory resonance of these events can leave an energetic vacuum or, as current research is showing, epigenetic tags through a process called epigenetic inheritance (a parent's experiences can be passed down to future generations through modifications in gene expression). The good news, is that these inherited patterns can be re-programmed.

If, during a session (the online version), the client's heart chooses the number related to Ancestral/Genetic you will be prompted to ask the client to pick a number 1-3. The number 1 is dad; 2 is mom; and 3 is family tree. Remember these are randomized. If family tree comes up, you will be prompted to ask for a number 1-4. In this case, the number 1 is dad's dad; 2 is dad's mom; 3 is mom's dad; 4 is mom's mom. Then, you will be prompted to ask for a number 1-7, which represent the number of generations up the family tree from your grandparents (1 is the grandparent themselves).

Below are screen shots of the updated segment:

1-3 is either mom, dad, or someone in the family tree.

If your client's heart chooses Family Tree, then have them pick a number 1-4, representing each of the four grandparents.

Once you know the grandparent involved, have the client choose a number 1-7 to find how many generations up the family tree the person that had the issue is located.

If your heart directs you to the Family Tree, it means that the session is no longer about the client. The session is transferred to the person in the family tree. This will be an amazing experience, because the client is now channeling the memory matrix of their ancestor. The results are profound, because it switches everyone in the family tree, including future generations.

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