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Scalar Heart Connection Newsletter 
April 22, 2014
Scalar Heart Connection

Happy Earth Day!

The Earthbeat of our planet is calling us to align our hearts to the rhythm of the Universe.

The heart is the guardian of the doorway to other worlds. To enter, we must first surrender to the flow of the Spiral of Life and trust what we are shown.

Life is an Adventure

Valerie felt that a past trauma was preventing her from moving forward in her life. She said she was almost terrified of the future, but couldn't put her finger on the exact cause.

A Scalar Heart Connection session directed her to the Crown Chakra and the emotion of feeling disconnected from meaning and purpose. The Quantum Healing Code pattern for the Crown Chakra is 8-5-2. This pattern reveals that Valerie's real Issue lies in the Eighth House, which indicates that there are unresolved issues from the past. The number 5 in this pattern represents the Fifth House, which is the Obstacle preventing Valerie from moving forward. The Fifth House is about self-identity and how we express our full creativity and self-confidence. It is also about learning to embrace our higher purpose. The Action is found in the Second House, which tells us Valerie's solution lies in releasing worries and anxieties about having enough money and personal resources. It is about strengthening her sense of self-worth and becoming mindful of the needs of others.    Read more>>
Upcoming Events

Join Scalar Heart Connection at the 

Synchronicity: Matter & Psyche Symposium 
with Rupert Sheldrake, Graham Hancock and others:

Saturday September 13

Stephen Linsteadt will talk about heart-consciousness and give an audience demonstration of how Scalar Heart Connection helps us connect to our intuitive abilities. Join Stephen for a one hour workshop after the talk and learn this simple step-by-step process of transformation. 

Connecting Hearts Globally

The number of people using the free online Ask Your Heart session continues to increase and include hearts from more areas around the globe.In the last thirty days, people used the program in Moscow, Tokyo, and all across the Untied States   

Many people have reported that the simple Ask Your Heart version has made huge shifts in how they respond and feel about the every day issues that arise in their lives. We are happy to see it grow and look forward to the day it connects hearts from all corners of Earth.
About Us

Scalar Heart Connection is more than a process for positive change, it is a community focused on enriching the lives of human beings by deepening their connection to each other and to the planet.

Scalar Heart Connection is easy to use and fun to experience. It helps people identify disharmonies within the chakras and meridian energy channels. A lack of coherence within these energy systems weakens the resonance pattern of what we are trying to manifest in our lives. Once we move out of resonance with stress, depression, and self-sabotaging vibrations, we can strengthen the energy patterns and thought-forms that are life-enhancing.