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Scalar Heart Connection Newsletter 
September 11, 2013
Scalar Heart Connection

This is a reminder that we have a webinar tomorrow, September 12th at 7 pm (PST). The purpose of the webinar is to share the latest version of the Basic Scalar Heart Connection Process.

The latest version includes archetypal patterns common to most of our issues and challenges. These patterns help guide the client and practitioner to a better understanding of the deeper issues at hand within the context of the session.

The webinar is intended for anyone who has taken the BASIC Workshop. Spaces are limited. If by chance you are not able to attend please let me know and I will be happy to schedule more webinars.

I look forward to tomorrow!



Updated Online Session Now Available

qhc pattern
Both the Basic and Hero sessions have been updated to include new discoveries about how the Quantum Healing Codes contain archetypal patterns that guide the client through their Issue, Obstacle, and Action.

The patterns are now displayed at the beginning of the session, so both the practitioner and the client have insight into the energetic archetype activated around the issue.

Learn More:

Webinar Thursday, September 12th
Time: 7:00 pm (PST)

Join Meeting: WebEx>>  
Audio: call +1-415-655-0001

Access code: 221 553 734