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Scalar Heart Connection Newsletter 
July 17, 2013
Scalar Heart Connection

Thank you for being an important heart amongst the global community. When we connect to our heart's innate wisdom, we radiate positive energy that touches all those around us.

This newsletter is just one way for all of us to stay in touch. Please pass the word along to your friends and family about Scalar Heart Connection.

The heart will always tell us what we need to know. We only need to know how to ask and how to listen.      

Metatron's Cube Forming in the Sky
grand sextile  

On July 29 the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune align to form three triangles or a grand Sextile (60 degrees apart), also known as the Twin Tetrahedral, Star of David, and Metatron's Cube.

The first triangle of the Moon and Venus, with the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter, signals the power of love and beauty to overcome the energy of war and religious strife. The second triangle of Saturn (materialism), Venus (beauty), and Pluto (transformation) signals the power of beauty to transform materialism. The third triangle of Neptune (our dreams and hopes), the Moon (love), and Pluto (transformation) signifies the power of tranformation to bring about our highest ideals and ambitions through love.

Some astrologers consider the Grand Sextile to be one of the most positive aspects of all planetary alignments. Many people have already begun to feel its presence as the planets move into position. Most of us are finding ourselves challenged by changes in work, security (possessions) or find themselves in transition between jobs. This can be a period of uncertainty, anxiety about the future, and chaos.

If you have taken The Heart of the Hero workshop, you may have already noticed the 30, 90, 60 degree triangle representing the Issue, Obstacle, and Action present in the sky. This represents the current challenge and opportunity for humanity as the Global Client. The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in the 10th House is joined by Mercury, which can signal mental confusion around career and our sense of purpose in the global community. If we treat this as the ISSUE, then it follows that the Obstacle is in the 2nd House with Saturn (old structures and materialism). The ACTION is in the 4th House where Pluto is aspectated. This signals that the Global Hero is being called upon to transform. This is the Archetypal Pattern we learn about in the Hero Workshop, known as the 10, 2, 4 tertiary pattern:

ISSUE (10th House): Depression and despair or obstacles and social structures/barriers can affect the hero's sense of self-worth and their ability to contribute to the global community.

OBSTACLE (2nd House): The challenge is in discerning what is truly valuable and useful for the Hero's evolution and the benefit of others from what they value for their own personal gain. The Hero learns to release their worries and anxieties about personal comfort, preoccupation with having enough 9personal resources) and to become grateful for what they do have.

ACTION (4th House): Life's experiences have a way of forcing the Hero into action. The Hero is called to re-examine their purpose and overcome their fears stemming from  childhood memories and suppressed emotions.

Scalar Heart Connection is a powerful tool to help us re-align and transform with grace and ease during this period of positive change.


Upcoming Events
east west   

Join us at the East West Bookshop in Seattle:

Thursday September 19th - A free lecture and audience demonstration.  For more info>>

Saturday September 21st - Scalar Heart Connection workshop.  For more info>>

"I enjoyed seeing the connection between us and the universe. Also our hearts truly know the truth." 

~ Joylnn K.


Congratulations to Our Newest Heart Connector Eliza   
Eliza Fulton, BA Holistic Nutrition
Glenwood Springs, CO

Congratulations to Our Newest Heart Connector mary garvey   
Mary Garvey Horst, M.A., L.I.S.W., NeuroPositive Coach, Psychotherapist
Santa Fe, NM

Congratulations to Our Newest Heart Connectors mary e   
Mary B. Ezequelle, L.C.S.W., PC
Gypsum, CO

About Us

Scalar Heart Connection is a simple process for helping people connect with their heart's innate knowing. The process helps us identify what is holding us back from realizing our full potential and unique gifts. It opens our heart to the vibration of unlimited intelligence and the guidance it provides. And, it shifts old and limiting beliefs into positive resonances and thereby aligns us with what is positive and life-enhancing.

Let your heart guide you through a process of deep transformation, so that you can begin to LIVE the extraordinary, awakened life you've always known was possible.