Sewer and Water Group Job 814

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On Monday, May 9 there will be a brief overnight water shut-off at the locations listed below between 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.  The shut-off is needed to facilitate work on a new water main in the community.  
  • 700-899 San Juan Pl.
  • 700-899 El Carmel Pl.
  • 700-1099 Santa Clara Pl.
  • 700-899 Ostend Ct
  • 700-899 Ormond Ct.
  • 700-899 Nahant Ct.
  • 700-899 Nantasket Ct.
  • 700-899 Monterey Ct.
  • 700-899 Niantic Ct.
  • 3580-3699 Mission Bl.
  • 3580-3699 Strandway
  • 3580-3699 Ocean Front Wk
  • 3580-3699 Bayside Ln.
  • 3580-3699 Bayside Wk.
Special Instructions:
  • During the shut-off water service may be sporadic; plan accordingly.
  • Access to homes, businesses and emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times.
  •  There may be temporary road closures, traffic rerouting, parking and other access restrictions during the time water service is interrupted. 
  • Construction crews will work as quickly as possible to restore the water service.
  • As always, no parking is allowed inside the project work area during work hours. Parking restrictions are marked.
  • Every provision will be taken to quickly and efficiently complete the work and minimize any inconveniences.
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