Avenida De La Playa Infrastructure Replacement Project &
Sewer and Water Group 809


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A portion of the water main replacement needs to be completed at night in order to minimize water service interruption to residents and businesses.


The night work and water service interruption will begin on Wednesday, February 4 at 9:30 p.m. and is anticipated to be complete on Thursday, February 5 at 7 a.m.


The noisiest work will be completed during the day prior to the interruption and you can expect the noise levels at night to be limited to construction equipment that will be marginally noisier than the typical vehicular traffic noise in your neighborhood. As a safety precaution, the trucks are equipped to make noise when they back up.


The water service interruption will affect the following locations:

  • 8100 to 8499 El Paseo Grande
  • 8100 to 8399 Camino Del Oro
  • 8100 to 8199 Camino Del Sol
  • 2100 to 2199 Avenida De La Ribera
  • 2100 to 2199 Vallecitos
  • 2100 to 2199 Calle Frescota
  • 1950 Lee Lane
  • 2000 Spindrift Drive
  • 2000 to 2120 Avenida De La Playa

The overnight work will consist of cutting and capping valves at these locations:

  • El Paseo Grande and Camino Del Oro
  • El Paseo Grande and Calle Frescota
  • El Paseo Grande and Vallecitos
  • Camino Del Oro and Vallecitos
  • Avenida De La Playa and Calle De La Plata

Additional Information

  • During the shut-off, water service may be sporadic; plan accordingly.
  • Access to homes and emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times.
  • Construction crews will work as quickly as possible to restore your water service.
  • There may be temporary road closures, traffic rerouting, parking and other access restrictions during the time water service is interrupted.
  • As always, no parking is allowed inside the project work area during work hours. Parking restrictions are marked.

In addition, the contractor for this project, HPS Mechanical, currently has teams working in three locations to replace the sewer main.


One crew is working on Calle de la Plata. Provided we have good weather, this should be complete by Tuesday, Feb. 3. This will complete the new 15" deep sewer main in the business district however, there are eight sewer lateral connections remaining. Because of the depth of the new laterals the crew will install these one at a time starting on the south side of Avenida De La Playa by the cleaners. This crew will move to Avenida De La Playa between Paseo del Ocaso and El Paseo Grande to begin the deep main work on the shoring box and dewatering pump to the east. This work will require traffic closure of Avenida De La Playa between Paseo del Ocaso and El Paseo Grande.


The second crew has completed the 8" sewer main on Camino Del Sol and began lateral connections on Thursday, Jan. 29. This crew will begin digging holes to search for utility lines on El Paseo Grande on Monday, Feb. 2. On Thursday, Feb. 5 they will begin installing the sewer main and the lateral connections will follow Friday, Feb. 13.


The third crew is currently preparing Camino Del Oro between Vallecitos and Avenida De La Playa for trenching. This work will begin Monday, Feb. 2 and will require traffic closure of Camino Del Oro between the two streets. Access in and out of the La Jolla Shores Hotel parking garage will be provided by using Vallectios. Once the new 15" sewer main has been installed half way down Camino Del Oro, traffic will be routed onto Calle De La Plata for access in and out of the La Jolla Shores Hotel parking garage.


Every provision will be taken to quickly and efficiently complete the work. We will do our best to minimize any further inconveniences and we thank you for your understanding.


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