Avenida De La Playa Infrastructure Replacement Project &
Sewer and Water Group 809


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  • The 39 sections of the culvert boxes that needed to be lowered has been completed.  Work is now focused on the transition slope required inside the structure.
  • The boardwalk area was surveyed on Friday.  This will allow HPS Mechanical to begin final grading before the concrete pour for the back of the sea shell finish.  Concrete work will also include forming the curb and gutter of Avenida De La Playa. 
  • On Friday, April 25, HPS Mechanical started the sewer replacement on Avenida De La Playa inside the fenced area and will move the dewatering tank about 20 feet to the east in the road pocket to allow for safer traffic access.
  • Also on Friday, April 25, manhole # 33 on Paseo Del Ocaso ( south side) was poured and on Monday it will be stacked. This will allow HPS Mechanical to clean up and complete this section of sewer.
  • On Monday one crew will resume work on the north side of Paseo Del Ocaso and should have this completed within two weeks.
  • A separate crew will begin the sewer work at the intersection of Camino Del Sol. This will allow HPS Mechanical to make the main sewer tie in and road crossing . This needs to be completed prior to resuming the culvert installation based on a lower elevation. The work on Camino Del Sol will cause some minor traffic impacts but is required. 
  • Thank you for your patience and understanding while work progresses on this project. Every provision will be taken to quickly and efficiently complete the work.

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