Avenida De La Playa Infrastructure Replacement Project &
Sewer and Water Group 809


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  • The pouring of the roof for the outfall structure was completed this week. Next week, the roof supports will be removed and the concrete form debris will be cleaned up.
  • In advance of the approaching storm, the contractor is backfilling the outfall structure and the exposed box culvert sections. Much of the sand that was used to form the berm is being used for the backfilling. The remainder of the sand will be reclaimed by the high tide.
  • Slurry was put in place where the new culvert box ends and the existing pipe meet.  This will allow the storm drain to flow through freely in the event of heavy rain as forecasted. The existing storm drain is full of silt and mud that will be discharged through the new outfall structure.
  • The contractor will be keeping a close watch on the operation of the outfall structure during the storm, including during the weekend.
  • Installation of the sewer line for this first phase of the Avendia De La Playa project is expected to begin in a week. Installation of the water line in the same area will follow. The reason they aren't being done at the same time: sewer lines are laid well below water lines and must be completed first.
  • For Sewer and Water Group Job 809: Saw cutting will begin the week of March 3rd on the southern end of the project: Saint Louis Terrace, Hypatia Way and La Jota Way. All residents within 300 feet of the construction received notice of construction via door hangers on Feb. 25th.
  • The archeological survey will expand during the week of March 3rd to include several areas in the above mentioned southern end of the project.
  • Installation of the sewer line continues on El Paseo Grande, north of Camino Del Oro.

       Thank you for your patience and understanding while work progresses on this project. Every provision will be taken to quickly and efficiently complete the work.


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