Avenida De La Playa Infrastructure Replacement Project &
Sewer and Water Group 809
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  • Construction of the outfall structure remains on schedule, thanks in big part to the lack of rain this winter. This week, the roof will be formed and poured and will be completed on Feb. 25th. Next week, construction will focus on stripping the seawall. For the week of March 3rd, the schedule calls for the removal of the roof supports and cleanup of all the concrete form debris.
  • The City has granted the contractor permission to work on Saturdays during this phase in an effort to complete this project ahead of schedule
  • Other activity for the Avenida De La Playa Infrastructure Replacement includes excavation and installation of the Box Culvert from today through the next three weeks. The schedule calls for the installation of the sewer line to continue through the first week in March and beginning next Monday, crews will start installing the water main.   All of the sewer and water main installation in his phase needs to be completed before the boat launch is reopened and right now, the outlook is about a month from that happening.
  • As for Sewer and Water Group Job 809, the installation of the sewer line will continue on El Paseo Grande, North of Camino Del Oro.
  • The archeological survey will expand in the next two weeks to include Hypatia Way, La Jota Way and Spindrift.
  • Saw cutting for Group Job 809 has taken place on Avenida De La Playa in the last week. The contractor has acknowledged that this activity jumped ahead of schedule and the contractor has confirmed with the City that once they complete a couple of small areas of saw cuts on the south side of Avenida De La Playa on Wed. Feb. 19, that they will hold off on trenching Avendia De La Playa est of La Jolla Shores Dr. until after the summer moratorium.
  • Saw cutting will take place for GJ 809 from Avenida De La Playa north on El Paseo Grande and Paseo Del Ocaso in the next couple of weeks. This activity will be away from the business district.


Thank you for your patience and understanding while work progresses on this project. Every provision will be taken to quickly and efficiently complete the work.


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