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NBC headline reads: "Once-in-a-generation winter storm descends on Deep South!"


Museum Closed for Snow!!!

Snow and ice in the Carolinas usually causes some traffic problems but the storm on February 11, 12, and 13 virtually shut down most businesses and schools... including the museum.  Volunteers and staff left early on Tuesday and we reopened on Saturday February 15th.  We had no major damage except a small roof leak where ice had built up around a vent.  But warmer weather and rain took it all away and we're back in business as usual.


JerryJerry Gunter Retires 
photos by Lowell Warner
Wally presents Jerry with a retirement gift.
Jerry was one of the original members of the museum and he volunteered in various capacities until
Jerry cutting his retirement cake
about 3 years ago when he joined the staff as a facilities manager.  As a volunteer, Jerry was instrumental in the production of a local Public Access TV show about the museum.  This show documented many important North Carolina aviation stories and copies are housed at our research library. As part of Jerry's job as the facilities manager, he maintained and moved aircraft for exhibition.  Two of his most notable projects were his reassembly of the Wright Flyer for display and his restoration of the Cessna 150 as an education interactive.  The Cessna is one of our most popular interactives and a highlight of our education tours.   
Photo by Katie McClamrock
We wish Jerry the best - and if you see a  little black Pitts flying around doing aerobatics, it's probably Jerry. 
WorkshopWorkshop Days
We've just run our first Workshop Day on Saturday February 22 and like other educational events, we had an outstanding turnout.
Workshop Days are special, hands-on, monthly events offered to kids of all ages and focus on aviation topics such as "How Airplanes Fly" "Aircraft Design" and lots more.  No reservation needed.  Workshops are held on Saturdays and run from 11:00 - 2:00.  Check out the schedule here.  
nightArtifacts for Women's History Month
March 15th - Mark your calendar!
The museum has a vast collection of items that are not on display in the main gallery. In celebration of Women's History Month we will showcase a few of these items that focus on women and their important role in aviation. As
an additional bonus JoAnn Barber, flight engineer on the museum's newly acquired C-130, will be here to meet and talk with visitors from 11-2 pm.  JoAnn will be bringing items from her personal collection to put on display for the day.  It's all happening on March 15! 
windowsWindows to the Past

by Floyd Wilson, Museum Founder


March 1994


Our guest speaker for March 1994 was David Adair, who discussed the space program and how it affects us in the civilian world.  His slide presentation and comments were detailed and technical but they were presented in a way that we could understand.  He gave us an appreciation of how many contributions the space program has given all of us. 

Read more here.  


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oldstuffThe Early Years of Aviation


From the CAM Library.  More literature from the early years of aviation.   Zoom in on your computer for some of the fine print.





spotterPlane Spotter!  
Can you identify this aircraft?   The answer will be in next months newsletter.
February's aircraft was a -

BAC 1-11 203/AE

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