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The museum had a great year in 2013 and we're looking forward to an even more exciting new year.

Lot's happening at CAM!

Carolinas Aviation Museum is an ideal location for business meetings, dinners, and other events.  We have an interesting, unique ambiance with aircraft all around the event and tables virtually under the wing of flight 1549.  
Recently we hosted several events that included a catered dinner, DJ, dancing, and various media presentations.

This is one of three Christmas Tree tables set up to display the home made trees at one meeting.  The entire set up is completed as soon as the museum closes.


Lots of kids came to see Santa and share their Christmas lists with him on the 3rd,  and of course what better transportation than our Cessna 150!

Santa sat in the cockpit while the kids climbed in beside him to "review" their Christmas lists and pose for a photo op.


On December 7th, Major "Dutch" Van Kirk visited CAM to meet with CMS (Charlotte Mecklenburg School) students, give a short presentation, answer questions and sign his book.  Major Van Kirk is the last living crew member of the Enola Gay - the B-29 that dropped the first atomic bomb that ended WWII.

Here Major Van Kirk is signing small B-29 models while Wally and Van Kirk's daughter help out. 

He met with several high school students from the local area for lunch and answer questions they had about his life or the actual mission.

Major Van Kirk's autographed book and a few B-29 models are available in our gift shop.
storiesIt's About The Stories!
Carolinas Aviation Museum is unique for many reasons not the least of which is the fact that each of our aircraft has a story to tell.  And so do the people who flew in them. 

On January 11th, 3 passengers who landed in the Hudson River on Flight 1549 (Miracle on the Hudson) will be here to answer questions and speak with our visitors.  Listen to their stories and learn about their experiences 5 years ago on that historic day in January as the aircraft in which they were riding descended into the freezing waters of the Hudson River! 

This is an up close and personal visit with each passenger.  You can talk with them, ask questions and if you like, bring a camera and have your picture taken with them. 
The passengers who will be here on the 11th from 11:00 - 2:00 are: 
Beth McHugh 
Beverly Waters 
Dan Vinton

Passenger Maryann Bruce will be here on February 1st from 1:00 to 4:00.  Watch our website for more.
Come and hear their stories.

eventsEvents for 2014
In addition to those listed above, we hosted several other events in 2013 including the recent B-17 fly-in, Red Tails trailer exhibit, and several education programs.  We are still taking visitors onboard the DC-7 (when possible) to learn about early commercial flight and we were very excited to receive our newest exhibit - a  C-130 (EC-130E) that participated in Operation Eagle Claw, the 1980 Iran hostage rescue attempt. 

Our staff is currently planning the 2014 calendar that includes more visiting aircraft,  education camps, workshops, additional business meetings, and events.   As soon as we have it completed and confirmed, we will add it to our website.
phantomPhantom Lowered for Easier Access

Our F-4 Phantom cockpit is one of our most popular attractions and recently we were able to make modifications to lower it to the floor, making it more stable and easier for visitors to access.

A special thanks to volunteer Brian Hicks.   Once repositioned, Brian  helped us by reconfiguring the seats, locking things down and in general making them more permanent. 

The museum depends on volunteer docents and on those who work behind the scenes giving their time and expertise to help improve the museum artifacts and interactive displays.

The Founders Letter


Dear Members

Highlights of the years gone by.

Looking back at JANUARY, 1994


Our guest speaker for December, 1993 was Lt. Col. Horace Crouch, a member of the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, Japan in 1942.


Above:  Lieutenant Colonel Horace Ellis "Sally" Crouch, 
Bombardier-Navigator Crew 10  (1st BACK ROW)

oldstuffThe Early Years of Aviation


From the CAM Library.  More literature from the early years of aviation. 
Zoom in on your computer for some of the fine print.


spotterPlane Spotter!  
Can you identify this aircraft?   The answer will be in next months newsletter.
November's aircraft was: 


United States Army  Kellet YO-60 with

a 300 hp Jacob R-915-3 radial engine.

 Be sure to check out our website at:
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