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The CAM News - A changing newsletter for a museum on the move!


Happy Holidays
We will not publish the CAM News in December. See you again next year. Have a happy and safe holiday season! 

The CAM News - A changing newsletter for a museum on the move!


B17Aluminum Overcast owned by
Photo by Lowell Warner.
the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) flies out of Charlotte on her way to Oshkosh, WI. The historic aircraft had a successful visit to CAM offering rides and allowing visitors to board the aircraft.  


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The Proposal
Guys have been proposing to their girlfriends in all kinds of unique  romantic environments.  Not to be left out, CAM had a "first" recently.  A young man had a poster made to place in front of the Miracle on the Hudson said "You are my miracle."  The poster was placed after the museum closed and on their way out, he walked her past the poster, their photographer came out from hiding, and he popped the question!
We were all relieved when she said YES!
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  EducationEducation Rules!!!
We are expanding our services at CAM by hosting more events, dinners and business meetings.  But as we mentioned in previous newsletters, education is a primary focus.  This past Friday was a good example. 
Check out the images below and you'll see students participating in our interactive education stations located throughout the museum.  You will notice a new interactive display - the Wright Flyer Simulator. This is an exciting new educational tool recently donated to the museum.  The simulator will be used only for special educational sessions.   
Instructors for the day included volunteers, staff members, and a guest instructor, Beth Mchugh - Flight 1549 passenger.
Carl explains "How airplanes fly."
Student flies the 1903 Wright Flyer
Beth has first hand knowledge of the 1549 raft!.
Students learn how the Airbus was recovered
from the Hudson
"Okay, I bank to the right."
Inspiration comes from classroom and hands on experiences that capture the imagination and interest of our students. 
We'd like to thank the folks who made this session possible:
Chris Sandel
Carl Klaiber
Geoff Huber
John Mebane
Roy Hey
Bob Cottom
Beth McHugh
And of course a special thanks to Katie McClamrock who brought this concept to life at CAM.
letterMuseum Founders Letter!
Dear Members

Highlights of the years gone by

Looking back at November, 1993


Our guest speaker for November, 1993 was Col. Roy Lenz, president, of the P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association.  A 13-foot model of World War II ace, Robert S. "Bob" Johnson's P47 "Thunderbolt" "Penrod and Sam" was unveiled at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport by the P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association. The model came to our museum later on.


The museum was part of the Veterans Day parade in Charlotte. The parade was in honor of all Veterans, but focused on honoring World War I.  It was the 75th anniversary of the ending of World War I.

RoyHough, WWI Veteran joined Jerry Shore and Floyd Wilson for Veterans Day Parade




Roy Hough was 98 years old, he was from China Grove. He was one of five remaining World War I veterans from the Metrolina area. Mr. Hough couldn't hold back his tears toward the end of the  parade. He said this was the first time he'd ever been in a parade and would always remember this honor. Jerry and I both teared up. Mr. Hough died two months later.


We added 42 new members in October and November. Brent Vandervort , Trudy Conrad, Don Opgenorth, and Tonya Anderson to name a few, who are still members.


On a personal note, I was elected Mayor of The town of Richfield, NC on Nov. 5th of this year. Eight years ago, I was  Mayor for 8 years.


I hope ever one has a Happy Thanksgiving, and remember to thank the Staff and Volunteers of the Museum for a Great year!!!

Floyd Wilson 

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oldstuff 100 Years Ago
From the CAM Library.  More ads from the early years of aviation.  This one is from 1911.   Zoom in on your computer for some of the fine print.
spotter Plane Spotter

Can you name this aircraft?


We'll print the answer in next month's CAM News.


The aircraft in our Plane Spotter for last month was:

 Huff Daland XLB1 Prototype 1923
800 HP Packard.
Be sure to check out our website at:
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