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c-130CAM Receives 3 Grants for iPad Stations!

When the museum opened the redesigned exhibit space in September 2012 there was a planned multimedia piece that we weren't able to raise the funds to complete. The original plan for the exhibit included iPad stations that enhance the visitor experience by providing additional historical and scientific information and touch screens that add more interactivity to the exhibition. Like all of the other content in the display area the iPad content would be aligned with NC Curriculum standards and have a heavy focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) principles.

iPads will be interactive learning centers complete with photos, videos,
and text.
Although we weren't able to open the
stations in September, we have been working hard to get additional sponsorships.  So far we have received grants from:
  • US Airways
  • United Technologies
  • Arts and Science Council

While we want to eventually have at least seven stations, we currently have funding for two. The first one will open by the Cessna station in a couple of weeks. This station will teach about the basics behind flight and what the control surfaces on an airplane do. Visitors will be able to navigate through a preflight and take quizzes to test their knowledge. Another exciting part of the iPads is that teachers can access them in their classrooms. It allows the museum to expand our educational outreach without having to send staff to the schools. Teachers can access the programs available on the iPads in their classrooms prior to their visit to the museum. Students will come to the museum with a better understanding of aviation.


These stations are an important new addition to the exhibit space. We want to extend our sincere gratitude to our sponsors for making this possible.


b-17Aluminum Overcast Update
The EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) B-17 (B-17G-VE) Aluminum Overcast - will be coming to Carolinas Aviation Museum on Veterans Day Weekend, November 8, 9, and 10   
Aluminum Overcast will be flying in the morning taking visitors for rides but will be on display for ground tours from 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM.  The EAA will be selling tickets for rides in the historic aircraft and of course it will be on display here during it's stay.  To check the schedule and book a flight, please visit  or
call 1-800-359-6217
volunteersMuseum Day Live!
Carolinas Aviation Museum is partnering with the Smithsonian Museum to offer free admission on Saturday, September 28 for those who download a special pass from the Smithsonian Magazine website.   Check out the CAM website for more information.   And come join us.
letterMuseum Founders Letter!

Dear Members

Highlights of the years gone by

Looking back at September, 1993


Dolph Overton, the only Korean War ace from the

Carolinas was our September speaker at our monthly dinner meeting.  He flew with the 7th Squadron of the 49th Fighter Bomber Wing and fought in the skies over Korea.  He was an outstanding speaker, over 100 members and guests were in attendance.  And we were honored to have Mr. and Mrs. Jenks Caldwell Sr. in our audience.


 Col. Dolph Overton, September 1993 Speaker


Our October guest speaker at the monthly dinner meeting will be Maj. Iwan Clontz of the North Carolina Air National Guard.  Major Clontz was the chief navigator and Plans Officer for the 145th Shop.  He was responsible for writing exercise plans and coordinating flight plans for all military exercises anywhere in the world where the Guard participates.   

Major Clontz was also responsible for airshows and special events in which the NCANG participates.  Major Clontz later served on the Carolinas Aviation Museum (CHAC) Board and became the 145th Airlift Wing Commander and the assistant Adjutant General in Air for North Carolina.

Brigadier General Iwan Clontz, October 1993 Speaker
Dinner meeting at Gus's 49er restaurant.


CHAC participated in four aviation events in September 1993.

  • Hickory North Carolina, EAA F ly-In, Chaired by Ed Burleson
  • Phoenix Air Show in Gastonia North Carolina, Chaired by Carlos Steffey JR. 
  • Matthews Live in North Carolina, Chaired by Jack Frye
  • Richfield North Carolina, Chaired by Floyd Wilson
All events were successful in raising money and getting members for the museum.  Our membership had grown to over 850 members.
Floyd Wilson 

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102 years ago

From the CAM Library.  More ads from the early years of aviation.  This one is from 1911.   Zoom in on your computer for some of the fine print.



PLane Spotter

Can you name this aircraft?


We'll print the answer in next month's CAM News.


The aircraft in our Plane Spotter for last month was:

 A Guillemin JG 40 built in 1930
Be sure to check out our website at:
September            2013

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