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VolunteerEducation:  Volunteer Training 
Along with our expanded education programs, we've begun more intensive docent training to help ensure that our visitors receive the same, accurate message.  Many  museum docents at other museums receive up to 2 years of intensive training and while we're not there yet, we are off to a good start. 
We've had a special, password protected Volunteer Corner on our website for about a year designed to keep volunteers up to date on scripts, guidelines, new exhibits, and changes.  We've recently added training videos made by our volunteers for volunteers and soon we'll be presenting live training classes for our docents. 
There is a saying in industry, "Whatever you measure, will improve."  Training is no different.  To that end, docents will be evaluated using observation forms that compare their presentation to the guidelines we've developed.  And of course, no training would be complete without a quiz so we've developed our first online quiz to hold folks accountable for the information we've presented.  Passing score is 100%.   
The end result of all of this - CAM will continue its journey to becoming a first class professional museum. 
STEMEducation:  STEM - STEMersion July 26, 2013
STEMersion  - is a program to help students leave high school or college career ready. STEMersion hopes that by educating teachers about current lucrative employment opportunities we will increase graduation rates and stimulate the local economy. 


The Program - is a two week event in which teachers take field trips to different industries in the area that use STEM principles (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). They are shown through tours and hands on activities how the STEM that they teach in the classroom can apply to the workforce. 


Teachers - are given the opportunity to apply for this program, but only a select few are chosen. There are 41 teachers participating this year.


How does Carolinas Aviation Museum Fit In?  We will show teachers how they can use the museum for field trips where students will learn STEM principles that will inspire them about future career opportunities. 


The Day -

  • Brief introduction from Wally Coppinger about the history of the museum.
  • Katie McClamrock will talk about the growing education programs at the museum highlighting our new education page on the website.
  • Technology Director from United Technologies will open the event by talking about his career, education background and how STEM has played a role.
  • Teachers will participate in activities just as their students would do (with a few added bonuses).
We will create a mock field trip and have the teachers take the roles of their students, rotating through our "Education Stations" where they will:
  • Learn about the Cessna, the science behind flight and see science experiments at the Cessna station.
  • Meet a passenger, Beth McHugh, from 1549 and hear her story at the life raft station.
  • Participate in a design lab where they construct their own paper planes with different materials and run test flights.
  • Hear about how 1549 was preserved in the museum and learn about different materials on the plane from Brett Ebert a representative from US Airways,
  • Explore the 727 procedures trainer learning from Marge about her days as a flight attendant, then build and test gliders. 

The day will end with a representative from PwC who will discuss the Donors Choose program they sponsor. This will allow teachers to fill out an application and become eligible for a $500 grant to bring a field trip to the museum.

Some of the industries participating in the program include PwC, Novant, Duke Energy, CPCC, Huber Technologies, Discovery Place, just to name a few.  

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HangarHangar B
The traveling exhibits that we had in Hangar B have been returned and the entire hangar is undergoing a changeover to that of a "helicopter  storage hangar." We're adding three new helicopters and although this smaller hangar is not designed as a museum exhibition hangar, we will have special lighting effects to give it a unique, interesting look and our visitors will be allowed in the hangar. We hope to open the hangar sometime over the next month.  Watch our website.
letterMuseum Founders Letter


Dear Members

Highlights of the years gone by.

Looking back at July, 1993


THE CHAC hangar doors were sandblasted, primed and painted, thanks to CHAC member Jim Henry, owner and operator of Professional Sandblasting Services of Albemarle, who personally gave his time, plus the use of his company equipment to make the doors look like new.

Jim Henry - Painting the hangar doors after he sandblasted them.

CHAC hosted and participated in operation Rain Check, a program conducted by the FAA. For the event, we had a display consisting of the L-5, Ambulance and WW II Staff Car. We had over 200 civilian aviators attend.

CHAC Board of Directors approved a proposal for an Annual Open House at the hangar. The first Open House was approved for October 22-24 1993. Board Member Jerry Shore, was appointed event chairman.           

Our membership had grown to over 740 members.


Floyd S. Wilson


years101 Years Ago This Month


From the CAM Library.  More ads from the early years of aviation.  This one is from July 1912! 
Zoom in on your computer for some of the fine print.





spotterPlane Spotter!  
Can you name this aircraft? 
Aeronca O-58-B designation changed to L-3B after April 1942

We'll print the answer in next month's CAM News.


The aircraft in our Plane Spotter for last month was:

Commonwealth Trimmer Amphibian C-170.  One prototype was built in 1945. It was a three-place amphibian with a built-in gal­ley with seats could be converted to sleep two people in bunks.
It had a range of 500 miles running 2-continental C-85 engines

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