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Special News Bulletin:  From Carolinas Aviation Museum
Passengers of Flight 1549 - Miracle on the Hudson - have been volunteering their time to stop by CAM to talk with our visitors about their feelings as they rode the crippled aircraft into the Hudson (passenger Pam Seagle will be here on Saturday).  And although they were in the same event, each person has a different story to tell. 
Now learn another perspective...from the cockpit! That's right!!!  On Monday January 14th, First Officer Jeff Skiles has volunteered to come to CAM and talk about the event from his point of view...the cockpit.  Mr Skiles will be here from 10:00 until 12:00 noon on Monday to answer question and talk with our visitors.   
Don't miss it!  Be sure to tell your friends because this is a one time event.  See you on Monday!

January                 2013

Special Bulletin

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