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ChangeThe CAM News.  A changing newsletter for a museum on the move!
Response to the new Carolinas Aviation Museum layout has been extremely positive.   "Amazing!"  "Dramatic!"  "Much more than I expected!"   "A real museum!"  " I Love it!!"  "Very the one in Dulles!"  and of course the best one..."We'll be back!"   
These are just some of the comments we hear from our guests in the gift shop after they see the museum.  Many have lived in the area for many years but have just recently come out to see us.  Some are from other countries (England, France, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Brazil, etc.) who are hear visiting, on business, or just on a layover at the airport waiting for a later flight.  Regardless of where they are from, they are always impressed and the old hangar with it's windsock waving above the hangar door across the runway creates a dramatic image of how far we've come since Floyd and Lois started the museum many years ago.
If you haven't been here for a while, be sure to stop in and see for yourself!
NewMore Exciting Changes and Additions to the CAM experience!                     


We've just completed a new volunteer program that includes updated job descriptions, guidelines, and the retraining of all docents.  We now have a great deal of information attractively displayed in a logical sequence so that visitors can go through the museum at their own pace.  This means that the role of our docents has dramatically changed and of course that calls for a new structure and retraining... all of which is designed to enhance the effectiveness of our museum.
We're still running special tours at specified times on the DC-7, Air Force One replica, and "Hangar B" The DC-7 and Air Force One are both visiting exhibits so we will take advantage of their being here as long as we can. The times are posted on our website.
Passengers of Flight 1549 act as docents for the Miracle on the Hudson exhibit. This is truly an exciting addition to our visitors' museum experience. They give a short presentation of about 20 minutes, then answer questions. We have the mechanical, logistical and structural information about the event and now our visitors will experience the emotion side of the story from people who were actually in the aircraft as it descended into the Hudson. We had one presentation so far and found it to be a very powerful, emotional event.
OOPS! Some TV news stations recently and incorrectly stated that the Michelle Obama visit on Monday November 5th was held at CAM. In fact it was held next door at Duke Energy, not at CAM. The tight security, our road was blocked so it did significantly affect our visitor traffic at the museum bringing our total to only 11 for the day.

letterMuseum Founders Letter


Dear Members

High lights of the years gone by.

November, 1992


CHAC participated in the 1992 Veterans Day parade in Charlotte with a fine array of vintage and modern military vehicles and CHAC members dressed in military garb. We had a World War II command car, Jeep, and Staff car.  We also had a Korean War ambulance, and a Vietnam War Humvie.  Col. Robert S. "Bob" Johnson was The Grand Marshal of the Veterans Day Parade, he honored us by riding in my 1941 WWII Plymouth Staff car. At a ceremony following the parade, I introduced Bob Johnson to the parade guest.


 (Left) Charlotte NC Veterans Day Parade







 (Right)  Col. Robert S. "Bob" Johnson







Sue Gibbs, chairman of the fund raising committee, announced the establishment of a T-28 Club to raise money to restore our T-28.  WWII P-47 Crew Chief James Gibbs designed a patch that was given to everyone who joined T-28 Club.  A CHAC members trip to the Smithsonian's National Air & Space Museum  in Washington, DC was approved for February 5-7, 1993



The CHAC Board of Trustees elected Officers for 1993, Floyd Wilson President, Brad Gibbs Vice-President, Lois Wilson Secretary, and Rebecca Campbell Treasurer. 

Membership in CHAC was now over 400 members.



Floyd S. Wilson 



Mr. Brian Connolly, Charlotte

Ms. Kara Logue, Charlotte

Mr. William Worsley, Charlotte

Mr. Bradley Sloan, Statesville 

Mr. and Mrs. David Warren, Charlotte






Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dibble, Belmont 


 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kuntzelman, Concord



Silver Wings 


  J.W. Noah, Clarksville, VA 



 Golden Wing 

   Ms Carol Hance, Charlotte



November            2012

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