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April 2015



The Fabricator: How we Build and Engage Our Talented Welding Team


How to Avoid the High Cost of Student Loans by Choosing Construction as a Career


MCCC GovConNet Procurement Conference
May 15th: MCCC GovConNet Procurement Conference



For your continued support in assisting us with Junior Achievement's/S&D Bowl-a-Thon. With over 45 bowlers, we have great turnout this year. We are so close to meeting our goal. Check out our hilarious team names and make a donation here.   
We hope to grab your attention for a quick moment to thank you for your support, business and friendship throughout the year. See what's new in the world of mechanical contracting.
Our People Perform.       
Check out our latest employee promotions and read some incredible stories on how our people obtained employee of the month this spring.

BALLOU SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL COMPLETE with over 7 miles of Pipe and more than 500 Individual Pieces of Mechanical Equipment


The biggest challenges on this design/assist project were the coordination of systems routing through the structural steel design and moving the cooling tower to a location which would not obstruct the view of the newly constructed school. Read how we tackled these problems here in our
case study.

Our People Serve the Community

Shapiro & Duncan continues to build relationships and strengthen our business-school partnerships. In the past month, 18 employees volunteered over 288 hours to teach at Banneker Middle School in Silver Spring, MD with the help of Junior Achievement and the donations of our suppliers and vendors. In addition, our special project's department has teamed up with HAVTECH to build for America's bravest. Read the full story here.

INTERN SPOTLIGHT: Millennials in the Mechanical Contracting Industry

We are keeping some University of Maryland and Montgomery College students busy this spring in our construction and marketing departments. Find out what it's like to start out in the construction industry in this day in age in this brief Q and A session with three of our interns.

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