Year-End Update from the Natural Burial Team
December 2013
From the Director's Desk

Dear Friends,


It's been three years since River View Cemetery launched our Natural Burial program, welcoming those looking for more eco-friendly options. We appreciate your continuing interest in our program.


As you know, River View can arrange burial without embalming or an outer burial vault - even shrouded burials with no casket at all - nearly anywhere in our cemetery. We've performed 25 such burials to date this year, representing one-fifth of all full-body earth burials. About an equal number have made advance arrangements this year to ensure a natural burial when their time comes. The Natural Burial page of our website is the most visited page on our site. Clearly this is an alternative that's important to our community!


Along with providing natural burial throughout our historic property, we continue to lay the groundwork for a new garden that will feature native plantings and a range of benefits to our local ecosystem. As reported in earlier updates, we've partnered with West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District to restore 14 acres of cemetery forest that were choked by invasive weeds. Working with the county on the Sellwood Bridge replacement at the foot of our property has provided another opportunity to incorporate environmental best practices.


In the coming year we look forward to continuing to incorporate the community's feedback as we improve and expand our Natural Burial program. If your professional, neighborhood, faith, or community organization would like to host a conversation about natural burial, we would be delighted to arrange a presentation.


In the meantime, the Natural Burial Program team and I would like to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season.


Best regards,


David Noble
Executive Director
River View Cemetery Association
A non-profit serving the community since 1882, River View Cemetery is a national leader in expanding options for environmentally-friendly funeral and burial practices.  At River View, you can plan to be buried nearly anywhere in the cemetery, directly in the earth without chemical embalming, in a biodegradable casket or a simple shroud.  River View is also developing plans to open a new dedicated Natural Burial Area - free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. And in coming years, we expect to make natural burial available in our beautiful forested areas.  For more information: