We just wanted to let you know of some creative ways the design team for the new Oakville Trafalgar Hospital are using window film to improve their visitors' experience. 

There are many creative ways to use graphic window film.  Included below is some examples of how using decorative window film can be a visually appealing and cost effective way to improve safety and security.  

How about the challenges home and business owners face with winter glare? We know that winter glare can be a problem for people at work and home.Window film helps solve the winter glare challenge.

February 3rd is the first ever Niagara Energy Summit, and we will be there!  We hope you join us in helping Niagara put energy savings on the map.  More information below.

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Oakville Trafalgar Hospital
Oakville Hospital

Relaxing nature themes are used within each section of the hospital to help as visual guides.   Window film graphics with the various nature themes were applied to the vertical acrylic surfaces in strategic locations such as the entrance way to the hospital and in reception seating areas.  These wall sections offer some privacy and offers a visual cue that visitors are in the right area.  

In the main lobby of the hospital needed an area to display information. A variety of solid, bright, colourful window film graphics, were applied to the acrylic wall sections. The translucent application allows light to pass through, giving it an open and bright feeling.  

Clear ceiling light diffusing fins were previously installed on the ceiling just inside a section of windows.  The hospital wanted a frosted look similar to light fins installed in other areas of the hospital. Frosted window film was applied to these clear fins, giving a similar look, but at a fraction of the cost of installing new systems, and with a faster delivery time
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3 Top Ways Window Graphics Improve Safety & Security
mcgowan window graphics
Property managers, building owners, and business managers are using window graphics in their toolkits to help create a safe and secure environment for their tenants, guests, and employees.  


Research shows that natural light has health and wellness benefits, so Architects and Interior Designers are designing office spaces, education centres, and healthcare facilities to incorporate more light, and that means more windows and glass. Window graphics are an ideal solution to help mitigate some of the safety and security concerns these glass walls and doors create.  Also, where typical emergency management signage needed to be applied to a solid wall or door, window film can be applied directly to the glass. Window graphics are an ideal solution because they are fully customized and a non-permanent application.  They can be designed in any combination of visual elements and text, any size or colour, and then applied to windows or any flat glass including doors, walls or partitions. 

Winter Glare
Window Film helps Solve the Problem of Winter Glare at Home and Work

Working on a computer screen, attending a business meeting, or watching television in a sunlit room can be frustrating with too much glare from the sun. Bright sunlight can make it hard to focus on the TV screen or computer monitor, it becomes difficult to read, and can even make it uncomfortable to have face to face conversations. 

The sun's glare is a year round problem but every season has its challenges. Those sunny days of winter and summer bring with it glare and harmful UV rays. In the winter the sun's path is lower than in the summer months. This means in the days of winter, there is more direct sunlight coming through the windows, . In northern climates such as ours, the sun reflecting off the snow also adds to winter glare. In addition sources of glare within the building can be caused by light reflecting off interior fixtures, and furnishings; Mitigating the problem of glare at the window helps to moderate these problems.

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