Windows are wonderful!  We love how they let natural light into our homes and businesses.  We love the beautiful outdoor views they provide for us when we are inside.  But, did you know that our windows expose us to security risks?  For a business or home, having a security plan in place is important.  

Security Window Film offers an invisible layer of protection that helps to keep us safe without distracting from the view or natural light.    For a free quote for window film, please contact me today.

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Include Window Film as part of your Small Business Security Plan


Any small business with a physical location should include window film in their security plan.


Did you know that small businesses make up 98.2 percent of all employer businesses in Canada? Many of these businesses, such as retailers, pharmacies, golf courses, wineries, hotels, restaurants, etc. have a physical location.


In 2007, the Canadian Retail Survey shows that Canadian Retailers face a wide range of criminal security risks where Break and Enter (B&E) is still a great concern.    Video surveillance has shown to be quite effective in monitoring the store and employee activity while also providing evidence during the prosecution of an altercation.


Out of all executives interviewed, 81% experienced break and entry occurrences.


If you are a small business owner, you need to put a security plan in place to protect your building and your assets.  It will save you time, money and peace of mind.


Security Window Film Protects Water Treatment Centres 


Security Window Film installed to improve safety at Water Treatment Centres in Niagara


Providing safe drinking water to our public means protecting our water treatment centres from the possibility that someone could gain access and contaminate or destroy the water source. Water Treatment Centres are part of Canada's critical infrastructure and must adhere to high-security standards for their protection. In the effort to protect public safety, appropriate security measures must be implemented to detect, deter and minimize the threats to our water facilities.


The security consultants in charge of the Water Treatment Centres in Niagara take their job very seriously. During a threat risk assessment, there were certain windows identified as a security risk.


"Typically someone trying to Break and Enter will choose a door as the first point of entry. If they are unsuccessful, they will look for a window to gain access."


Window Film Recommended by Security Consultants


The security consultants recommended security window film be installed to lower the risk of break and entry to improve the security of the Niagara Water Treatment Centres.



Bird Friendly Window Film


It is a beautiful spring morning here in Southern Ontario. The sun is coming up in the East to spread its beautiful light on the sleeping town; gently waking me up with the warm rays coming through the bedroom window.  Birds are fluttering in the branches of the evergreen trees in my backyard while singing their beautiful morning serenade. Red-Winged Blackbirds, Robins and other song-birds that flew south for the winter are now safely home. This is the sound of Spring many of us are used to here in Ontario. A sound that many of us take for granted.  A sound that is sadly in danger of being silenced forever.


The Cerulean Warbler has declined 83% since 1966, the population of Purple Martin's are down 78% since 1970, and there are 65% fewer Bobolinks than there were in 1968. These are only a few of the songbirds that are on the list that are declining.


Let's help protect, and Save our Birds


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