Do you work in an office that has windows?  Research shows that it is important to have natural light for our health, productivity, and energy savings.  Windows are now an important part of any modern office design.  

But there are some problems! Glare from the light coming through these windows can make it hard to see the computer screen or a conference room presentation screen.  And then who wants to pull down the blinds?  If you pull down the blinds, then you have to put on overhead lights and you lose your view (and energy savings).

There is a solution.  We recently installed solar control window film at Ferguson-Neudorf Glass in Beamsville, Ontario.  They were having glare and heat problems and looked to window film for the solution!  

More about how solar control window film can help with glare problems, the case study on Ferguson-Neudorf Glass, and our recent sponsorship is included in this month's newsletter.  

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Window Film helps Reduce Glare 

without blocking out the view or natural light!


Protect your data and your eyes. Glare is a reflection on your computer screen that prevents you from seeing on-screen information clearly. You must look through the glare to see the data. Glare occurs on all types of monitor screens including LCD and CRTs.


According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), almost 
10 million people suffer from computer-related eyestrain each year. Glare is a common cause of eyestrain and headaches that can cause discomfort and loss of productivity.

Window film protects eyes from the harsh UV rays that create eye fatigue and lower productivity. Drawing the curtains is a solution to the sun's glare in your eyes, but forces you to turn on artificial lighting that raises energy costs. Applying window film allows natural light to stream in without the harmful UV rays or glare affecting the atmosphere and your health. The low reflectivity provides a clear view of the outdoors while allowing natural light into brighten up your office space. 

Window Film Case Study




Window Film Case Study


Evolution Window Films recently installed window film on the large office windows at Ferguson-Neudorf Glass Inc. They were having problems with intense heat and glare from the light coming in through the large windows. However, they didn't want to cover up the windows! They still wanted the ability to enjoy the beautiful view & natural light. Window film was the solution to enhancing this office design. Read More >>


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NSI Sponsorship


We are proud to announce we have recently joined TD Bank, Brock University, Horizon Utilities and other local businesses in sponsoring one of the leading sustainability-focused organizations here in Niagara.  



To learn more about NSI and their Carbon Project, you can read more here >>


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