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Steps to an Energy Efficient Building


If you are a building owner, or occupy commercial space, saving energy is not only good for the environment, it is good for your pocket book.  The challenge is finding what products and best practices to implement first that will optimize gross profits. 


Asking first the question, what will work best for your business is important, but the other question to ask is "What order do I implement to get the greatest return on my investment? ".  


We put together some information to help understand the importance of considering the building envelope and how it fits into the energy efficiency upgrade cycle.  There is a comment section at the bottom of our blog.  If you've had an experience in using a similar upgrade cycle, we would be very interested in hearing about your results.


Also, we will be attending the Niagara Sustainability Initiative event at the Niagara College Teaching Winery & Education Centre tonight!  It is a sold out event, so hopefully you had a chance to register. Window Film was installed at the centre this summer - Niagara College Winery : A Window Film Case Study. If you didn't have a chance to register for this event, check out their upcoming event schedule and Carbon Project opportunities.


All the best, and have a great day!



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Evolution Window Films


Energy Efficiency Upgrade Cycle



Energy Efficiency Steps to Retrofit a building and optimize investment.


There are many opportunities to conserve energy for business and home owners.  With new research and the advancement in technology new products and techniques are now available to help preserve the environment, improve health and wellness for occupants, and save money. 


When considering upgrading you building with energy saving products, consider the sequence that they are implemented.  HVAC equipment and lighting is often the priority for energy saving investments, while the outer envelope of the building (such as windows), is left as secondary. If you have large areas of windows, the benefits of installing solar control window film first will help maximize the profitability of your initial investment, but also long term energy savings.


Steps to optimize your Building's Energy Efficiency 
Upgrade Building Retrofit Cycle

Niagara Sustainability Initiative

Niagara College Winery : A Window Film Case Study


Niagara College's Wine Visitor + Education Centre is home to Niagara's Teaching Winery, as well as a wine retail and tourism information centre.  

This beautiful building is surrounded by glass windows with a beautiful view of the Vineyards and surrounding areas. 


The challenge with all of these windows is the intense heat generated inside the building.  The direct sunlight and hot spots are not comfortable for guests to the centre and not an ideal environment for storing wine. During the hot days of summer, the HVAC system was under intense load trying to cool the area.   




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