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With all the graduations that have been taking place this week, it gives us time to reflect on where we came from, and where we are going.  What does the future hold for our next generation?   We are reminded how important our children, family, friends, and community are to us.  AND, what are we doing to make positive changes in their lives?  When you send your kids off to school, especially College and University, it is for many of you a first for being separated from your children for any length of time.  Their safety is important. With the many campus attacks in the news these last few years, we want to make sure the schools and other public buildings are doing everything they can to keep your children safe.    


Our feature blog this month is about safety;  how windows are one of the most vulnerable areas of our schools, homes, and public buildings.   How can security window film help protect you?  You'll have to read it and find out!  We welcome comments, as always.


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Naked Windows Leave You Exposed
Stop leaving yourself exposed and vulnerable. Add a layer of window film for peace of mind.
Windows make our lives more enjoyable.
  • Executive - an office with a view of the urban landscape
  • Hospital patient - enjoying the warmth of the sun coming through a window on a cold winter day
  • Teacher - watching the children play in the school yard while getting some work done at my desk
  • Home owner - lowering the cost of having to turn on lights
  • Student - inspired by nature while studying for my exam
  • Retail Store Owner - window shoppers can see our featured products as they walk by
But at what price?
Windows and doors are the most vulnerable part of any building.  Tenants and building owners are at risk in regards to safety and security if they don't invest in protecting their windows.  Read More
Safety & Security Film Projects

Portfolio | Coach Store (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Outlet Mall), Liberty Bicycles (St. Catharines), Skylon Tower (Niagara Falls, Ontario)  


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