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A look at the benefits of decorative window film for design, privacy, safety, and company branding - at home and in the work place.


Our designer edition is all about our customer's success stories.  Inspired by their creativity, and professionally installed to give them the quality and artistic expression they deserve. 


Our feature image above >> The Toronto Animal Services provided us with their logo, and
we installed the graphic with a frosted window film application.  This offered them privacy and company branding



Sam Bellhouse 


Evolution Window Films



Office Windows | Creative Design at McGowan
Construction Men on a Beam 
A creative graphic for a board room window

A wall of windows in a meeting room allows for a feeling of space, but it offers a few distractions. McGowan Insulations wanted to create a visual barriers to avoid distraction while in the board room, but didn't want to block out the natural light and open feeling.

Decorative Window Film graphic offered a very creative and attractive solution.



Centennial College


Centennial College (Toronto, Ontario) wanted a subtle design on the glass walls in their hallway. Initially they looked at manufacturing the glass to have this type of finish.



They were on a deadline and the manufacturer couldn't deliver the product until well past the finish date.  The project contractor and architect saw the value in using window film to get a similar manufactured design on the glass.



The decorative window film was ready to be installed 1 week after the order was placed.   Window film was a fraction of the cost of manufactured glass with this type of decorative pattern. 



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Designing with Window Film

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