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The holiday season is here!  And the season to plan winter getaways is here as well.  Yes, a time to kick back and relax.  But, as we all know, holidays take planning and we want to make sure everything is taken care of before we go away.


Included in this months newsletter is a checklist of 10 ways to help burglar-proof your home and business.  Window film is on the checklist, and offers a way to help protect your home and business investment this winter, and for many winters to come.


This newsletter highlights some of our recent homes and businesses that installed security film to help protect themselves against:  an intruder, natural disasters that can cause broken windows and even from vandalism.  


Any questions, please contact myself or Gary and we will be happy to help you find the right solution for your needs.




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10 Burglar Proofing Tips
Travelling this Winter?


Here is a checklist of tips to help protect your investment while you are away this winter... so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.Burglar proofing your home and business. 



Benefits of Safety & Security Film

When safety & security window film is installed, it creates an invisible barrier between your business or home interior and the outside world. 


"Smash & Grab" Break-Ins


When a thief tries to break the window, the glass shards are held together providing a shatter-proof performance that slows down any attempts an intruder makes to enter the premises. 


The quick and easy window entry now becomes difficult and deters the thief from continuing with fear of getting caught. 


Window film application will protect you from lost assets and inventory and keeps your business more secure.


Vandals Beware


Vandals can attack your premises with attempts to scrape sharp objects across your glass. The multi-layer protection of window film acts as a barrier to destruction of your glass's appearance. It can be easily replaced and is less expensive then replacing a damaged window.




Natural and Man Made Disasters


The dangerous consequences of natural and man-made disasters that cause glass to shatter can be avoided. Window films are made of a strong rugged mater ial that binds dangerous glass shards together, preventing the damage and injuries a broken window causes.






Get peace of mind with the secure investment that window film provides to your business.

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Who is using security window film
Ottawa Balcony 

Ottawa, Ontario


Balcony on this condominium offers safety protection against breaking glass in addition to solar protection benefits.



Liberty! Bicycles Store



Liberty Bicycles

St. Catharines, Ontario


Protecting their extensive inventory investments of bicycles and accessories, Liberty Bicycles had security window film installed for added security.  Read more...



Boggio Pharmacy

Fonthill, Ontario


Wearing a helmet is not the only safety precaution owner Larry Boggio (Bike # 2085), of Boggio pharmacy, believes in taking.  He had Evolution Window Films' team of professional installers put security and solar film on his windows this summer to protect his investment, his staff and his customers.  



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