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Your home - a place of beauty, comfort and safety for you and your family.  Windows - an important part of your home's design, that should have a personalized treatment to meet your family's needs.


There are four very different seasons here in Ontario, Canada.  We live through the cold, snowy days of winter, push through the rain and wind of spring and fall, and then manage through the hot summer months of June, July and August.  We build our homes to protect us from the elements, but we also still want to be part of our beautiful outdoors.  Our buildings (large and small) are built with windows - bringing the outside in, while letting us live comfortably.  


But...our windows come with a price  - loss of cooling in the hot summer months making our air conditioners work overtime, increased energy bills, U.V. damage to our furniture, flooring, etc., vulnerability to unwanted intrusion, risk from breaking glass, and more.


Window film offers a window treatment solution to protect your family and your home investment.


This newsletter highlights some of our recent homes, who's families are now enjoying the benefits of window film.  Also included are some answers to frequently asked questions about window film, as well as a link to the Window Film Associations' consumer information booklet.




Sam Bellhouse 


Evolution Window Films


Custom home in Niagara


Window Film offers benefits for this newly built home




The owner, architects, designers, and builders incorporated large areas of windows throughout this beautifully designed, 6,000 sq. ft., house. Natural light is a benefit to having large window areas in this home, as well as offering the opportunity for the owner to enjoy the view of a beautiful landscape while in the comfort of his home. While the expansive windows offer these benefits, they unfortunately let in a great deal of heat in the summer, heat loss in the winter, glare, and damaging U.V rays from the sun. With the owner's private art collection destined to hang on the walls of this home, not to mention the beautiful oak hardwood floors installed throughout the home, and the many original furnishings that will be part of this home's interior space, the potential fading and premature aging of these items, caused by U.V. damage, was a big concern. They did not want to close out the view with drapes, but wanted to still ensure the longevity of these investments.




After consulting with the Interior Designer, Evolution Window Films installed an application of three different grades of Sunscape™ Window Film. Depending on the sun exposure of the windows, a different grade of film was chosen to maximize light penetration and still maintain protection from the sun's harmful rays. The Sunscape™ Window Film chosen would reject over 99% UV light, up to 57% heat rejection and up to 57% glare reduction.



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Frequently asked questions
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Window Film Consumer Booklet 
International Window Film Association


What is window film?


Window film is optical grade polyester sheeting with colored dye and/or metal particles embedded into its surface. This reduces the transmission of solar heat, light, and ultraviolet rays through a pane of glass, simultaneously reducing glare.  


How long does window film last once applied to glass?

The life of window film depends on factors that include the application of the film, orientation of the window and geographic location. When properly installed, it is not uncommon for window film to remain attractive and effective for as long as 30 years or more. 


Can I install the film myself? 
The films that Evolution Window Films use are designed exclusively for professional installation and sold only through licensed solar control window film dealers. This dedication to our nationwide network of dealers helps ensure the proper installation of your film. Evolution Window Film's warranty is valid only if the initial installation is performed by an industry professional.  



Window Film saves couch and piggy bank
Considering window treatments for you home?


Why did the owners of this beautiful home choose to have window film put on every window? 


This Niagara family chose to have window film installed to protect the investment in their home.

One year ago, the owner had purchased a $20,000 leather couch that now needed to be re-upholstered due to severe sun damageFor literally a fraction of the cost of the couch, let alone the additional cost of re-upholstering it,  window film was applied to every window in the house.



Glare be gone with window film




Light and heat was an issue, facing due south on the north shore of Lake Erie (Ontario, Canada) the glare was extremely uncomfortable.





With the application of the Sunscape Starlite 18 window film, Evolution Window Films was able to reduce glare by 70% and reduce heat by over 60%!


That means the owner can enjoy sitting in their living area in comfort!   And that beautiful carpet?  Minimized fading thanks to the U.V. protection offered by the window film.


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