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Founder / Chairman of the Board
Lana "MC Lyte" Moorer
MC Lyte First Wave Scholar Interns with Hip Hop Sisters Foundation and other Celebrities
Summer 2014


Hiwot Adilow . . . we were blessed with the company of Hiwot Adilow, one of the very first MC Lyte UW Madison First Wave $100,000 Scholarship Winners, as she interned at the Hip Hop Sisters corporate offices in Los Angeles this summer.


A gifted poet, Hiwot had the experience of a liftetime.  Below is a brief overview of her "work" experience:


1. Featured in MC Lyte's upcoming episode of "Being" on Centric/BET Networks.


2. Witnessed, in-studio, Common and MC Lyte's new collab (can't tell you yet! . . . it's coming in a few weeks).


3. Traveled with Lil Mama's production team to the World Hip Hop International Championships in Las Vegas.


4. Met the godfather hiphop, yes Russell Simmons, while spending time reviewing scripts and assisting the executive team at All Def Digital. 


5. Implemented a volunteer program and other initiatives along with the Director of Foundation Programs.


It was an absolute pleasure working with Hiwot this summer. 


Check out the video that won Hiwot a place in our hearts and in history!  

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developed an economic empowerment initiative that changes lives


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