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March 2015
Miss Stephanie shares a holiday story with the PJ Library families. 

This family newsletter will keep you up to date about the lessons and activities your children are enjoying during their time at CBD Hebrew School and PJ Library events. It has additional ideas for activities you can try at home to continue the learning. Enjoy!
Featured Event:  MOCK ELECTIONS

On March 17, Israel held national elections. To help clarify the voting process in Israel for the Hebrew School students, our emissary, Gilor Meshulam, explained the parliamentary system, all the parties involved, and how it is different from our government. Once the process was clear, he helped us conduct our own Israeli-style Mock Election. The children chose the parties (steak, pasta, hamburgers, and a few others). They each had 30 seconds to defend their party and persuade the other parties to join their coalition. The arguments were very creative. The students enjoyed this activity so much, they asked to repeat it. We held a second Mock Election using travel destinations as the "parties." We always learn a lot from Gilor and are grateful for his visits.

Ask Your Children About

The Hebrew School students are learning a lot about the Exodus from Egypt. As part of our preparation for Passover, we have been discussing the Ten Plagues. We talked about how the plagues affected not only the Egyptians, but the Israelites as well. Which ones affected everyone? Why? What finally changed Pharoah's mind?  Ask your children... 


What Do the Torah Stories Teach Us?

It may not seem like it, but gossiping and speaking badly about others is one of the ugliest things a person can do. It can really hurt. In the Book of Leviticus, we read that if a person would gossip he would get a skin disease called tzaraat. As a cure, he would have to go into quarantine - to be all by himself until he thought about how he had hurt someone with his words, and realized it wasn't right. Only then would he get better.


Today we have to be extra careful to refrain from negative, ugly speech. G-d gave us the power of speech to do good. It is a misuse of this precious gift to hurt another with gossiping or bullying; it isn't good for the speaker, the listener or the one spoken about.


For more Torah lessons, go to www.aish.com, hover over the Torah Portion selection on the navigation bar and select "This Week's Parsha" from the drop down menu. Have fun exploring the Parents & Kids section.


Try This At Home

Here are some suggestions for creating lasting Jewish memories about Passover for our children.  


Have fun with craft projects

  • Decorate a cup for Elijah
  • Make an Afikomen cover
  • Design a seder table out of Legos
Make Quick and Easy Envelope Hand Puppets of the characters in the Passover story (Pharoah, Moses, Miriam...or even frogs!).



Get ideas for creating a Sensory-Friendly Seder that is accessible for children of all ages. 


Feeling ambitiousMake your own family-friendly haggadah Print out as many copies as you need. It can even be personalized!  

During the Tu B'shevat Seder, Hebrew School teacher Lev Poplow encourages the students to try new fruits. 

Miriam Cohen facilitates a Tu B'Shevat seder for the Hebrew School Students.

At the Purim Carnival, parent Laurie Kaufman shares the Purim story with the children. 

 Upcoming Dates

Hebrew School Meets 

Wed Mar 24  4-6 pm

Sun Mar 29  9 am-12 noon

Wed Apr 1  4-6 pm


Wed Apr 8  4-6 pm

Sun Apr 12  9 am-12 noon


PJ Library Story Hour

Sun Apr 5 11 am to 12 noon

Sun  May 3  11 am to 12 noon



Fri Mar 27,  7:30 pm, Family Kabbalat Shabbat followed by an ice cream sundae oneg. The students will co-lead the service with Rabbi Adler

Sat. Apr 4, 9 am, Shabbat Morning Services

Fri  Apr 10, 8 pm  Kabbalat Shabbat

Sat. Apr 11, 9 am, Passover Yizkor

Fri. Apr 17, PJ Kabbalat Shabbat  5:45-7 pm 

Fri. Apr 17, 8 pm, Kabbalat Shabbat

Fri.  Apr 24, 8 pm  Kabbalat Shabbat