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Reflections on The New Year Ahead
A note from Linda Maslow


As we welcome in the New Year, we'd like to take this time to thank our clients, freelancers, employees, and vendors for making 2014 a great year!


With technology moving faster than a speeding bullet, we at MMG are focused on recruiting those cutting edge specialists to meet the technological changes in our industry and in your business. MMG has always been a company that thrives on making our clients and colleagues happy by finding just the right match for the job.


MMG's New Year's Resolutions:

  • To our clients: we promise to recruit the best talent the industry has to offer and provide you with excellent service at all times.
  • To our freelancers and employees: we offer an open line of communication, around-the-clock support, and prompt payment (always).

Nothing contributes to growth more than an investment in human resources. If this is your goal for 2015, let MMG work with you as an HR business partner. 


"The quality of every project reflects the excellence of those chosen to create it."


~Linda Maslow

We All Must Make Contingent Workers Feel Welcome

George Albert Opitz |

The need to understand, utilize and engage the contingent workforce is becoming more and more important to staffing agency and organizational success. Contract and temporary workers make up 26 percent of the American workforce (Aberdeen Group, 2012).  Furthermore, according to the U.S Department of Labor, the contingent workforce is among the fastest growing segment of workers and the organization predicts a 23 percent increase by 2020.


These statistics should come as no surprise, as temporary, contingent and contract workers are providing companies with a great deal of flexibility while also minimizing their sunk costs. However, new challenges are introduced such as the engagement, alignment and cultural values of the contingent workforce.


Read more here!


(from left to right): MMG A/V Technician, Michael Mattis, receiving a certificate of appreciation from Sr. Special Agent Robert Poole

The Violence Reduction Network Summit was held at ATF Headquarters in downtown Washington, DC.  MMG's A/V Technicians, Michael Mattis and Gregory Huff, provided exemplary A/V support for two large events held in their auditorium, and were awarded Certificates of Appreciation.

Video Production Trends for 2015


This article was posted on


Many of the video production trends for 2015 are technology-driven. And while the techniques themselves are nothing new, they are now available to everyone with an artistic eye.

1. Shorter, Shorter, Shorter

A one minute video will be watched by 50% more people than a two-minute video. The more information you can communicate in a short amount of time, the better. Instagram videos have a 15 seconds maximum, and Vine a 6 second maximum. Smart phones and mobile devices feed the need for short. Youtube says 50% of their traffic is from mobile devices.


2. Extremely shallow depth of field is now easily available from HDSLRs much like 35mm film cameras before them. They can focus attention on a specific subject and isolate the subject from background and other competing elements.


3. Slow Mo
Slow motion can make a moment into visual poetry. It, too, has been available for decades, but it was expensive. Now it is very affordable and easy. The iPhone 6, for instance, can shoot 240 fps. Many other current cameras can shoot thousands of fps.


Read the rest here!


In early 2014 our newsletter featured an article about how production freelancers can get involved in volunteering their services through an organization called Travel Television (a not-for-profit that highlights travel and volunteerism for programming).

We are pleased to report that two freelancers responded to the earlier article. Here's what they did as volunteers:


Amy, a freelance producer from Colorado, produced a story about an emergency women's shelter rebuilt with local employees from a hotel chain.  


Valerie, a freelancer from California, covered the volunteer events during the Points of Light conference in Washington DC.

They were able to write-off the associated costs for their services through the organization.

This year, we're at it again! Join Travel Television in a once-in-a-lifetime experience to travel, volunteer and tell your stories by helping to end homelessness caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Travel TV is sponsoring a reality TV project that will take place for three days during the Spring of 2015. The teams will help rebuild homes with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, United Way and Catholic Charities.

Thousands of homes need some volunteer support. Visit Jersey Shore Volunteers to sign up.
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"He is always on top of things. We always get paid on time. But in addition, if there ever needs to be a revision or there is a question about an invoice, he responds immediately and answers questions or resolves any issues."


Nevitt is our payroll client services superstar and a client favorite. His background is in TV Production, most notably serving as Senior Production Manager for America's Most Wanted. He manages and processes all payroll client accounts at Maslow Media Group.  Our clients love him.  You can hear his 'smile' anytime you speak to him.  


Thank you to our payroll superhero.





"Creativity is a drug I cannot live without"


-Cecil B. DeMille

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For 25 years, Maslow Media Group has worked to build a global network of talented individuals, award-winning producers, creative directors, crews,  production managers and executives. 

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Federal Feature

Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB) are now able to receive sole-source procurement, in the same way other businesses have been empowered through contracts being awarded directly to veteran, minority, and HUbzone firms. WOSB sole-source procurement will go a long way towards reaching the government's goal of awarding 5% of contracts to Women-owned business. 

Linda MaslowCEO 202-965-1100 x 105 |
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Maslow Media Group was named a "Top 5 Leading Payroll Company" by The Hollywood Reporter, the #1 Media Production Company and #4 Leading Women's Businesses by the Washington Business Journal, and one of America's fastest growing businesses by Inc. 500/5000. 
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