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In the Works
We're spending time this spring exploring "growth options" for CBC.  We're working with several potential new sites in the Youngstown, OH area and investigating new project sites in the southern California region as well.  And after more than a year of talking and imagining, we're finally making inquiries around metropolitan Nashville, TN with the help of our resident Advisory Board member there, Colleen O'Connell.  We'll let you know if any of these efforts bear fruit.

Many Thanks
It's "tax time" again, and we'd like to recognize and thank the two organizations that provide us with pro bono work relating to our financial matters: Creative Business Management in California, and Anness, Gerlach & Williams in Ohio.  These ladies and gentlemen make our lives a good deal easier!

Grant Season Begins
Everyone involved with non-profits spends an outrageous amount of time raising money, and we're certainly no exception to this rule.  With the excellent help and ongoing support of our grants writer, Becky Antworth at Hired Gun Writing, we've begun this process once again.  Thankfully, securing new grants from local, regional, state and federal sources gets a bit easier each year as our success with established, grant-funded projects grows.  Nonetheless, this funding hunt remains a time-consuming and rather thankless part of the non-profit world.
Hired Gun Writing

Big Thanks to Clearpoint!
Our year's worth of pro bono support from the wonderful public relations folks at Clearpoint Agency in Encinitas, CA has come to an end.  During 2013, the folks at Clearpoint spent a great deal of time and energy helping us to focus and refine our understanding and articulation of CreativeBridge Coalition.  Importantly, they were the impetus for our website overhaul!  We've learned much from our association with Clearpoint, and we've made some solid new friends during our professional interactions.  Deepest thanks to Beth and the rest of her crew.
Clearpoint Logo

Rumor Has It...
IT'S NOT A RUMOR! CBC actually DOES have an entirely new website in production.  Business relations, technology glitches and questionable karma have combined to slow its construction considerably.  However, our new website is, indeed, COMING SOON!  We'll send out an announcement inviting you all to visit when the time comes.  Meanwhile, please join us in practicing patience.
March, 2014

It's finally spring, and we're back to bring you up-to-date on everything happening here at CreativeBridge Coalition.  Please read on..............


Here's an update on our four current Count Me In projects.  You will find more detail (and pictures) at our website. CBC Website 


Rich Center for Autism, Youngstown, OH
All's well at the Rich Center, where our instructor, Jon Dean, works with about 10 young children (ages 6-8).  We want to thank Acting Director, Casey Annico, our long-time friend and RC founder, Phyllis Ricchiuti, along with Renee McConnell (welcome back!) and everyone else at the Rich Center for making us feel so welcome in their space.  Special thanks to the kids (and parents of the kids) we're working with there.
Jon Dean & Casey Annico

Fairhaven School, Niles, OH

Our instructor, Jon Dean, works with about 10 students at Fairhaven (ages 11-19), and it appears that everyone is having a great experience with Count Me In at Fairhaven.  Currently, Jon and his students are preparing for the school's upcoming talent show in April.  In addition to thanking these students and their families, we want to express our gratitude to the school's principal, Rosanne Morrell, for welcoming us to her world.  

Fairhaven TRAP students
Lanterman High School, Los Angeles, CA
This is our third year at Lanterman, where our instructor, Stephen Flinn, is once again working with 30+ special needs students.  Thanks to Christina Cisneros, the Lanterman principal, and the collection of old and new students and their parents, we're feeling like part of the Lanterman family with our Count Me In program there.
Stephen with Lanterman student

Vista Del Mar, Los Angeles, CA
We've begun our second Count Me In semester at Vista this school year using the Contemporary Urban Percussion (CUP) program with an entirely new group of 14 students (CUP is a single-semester music-based program).  According to our instructor, Stephen Flinn, things are off to a great start thanks, in large part, to the strong support of various Vista Del Mar administrators.
CBC CUP Bucket Drums
Given the huge success of last year's "SOUL NITE" fundraiser in the Youngstown, OH area, and given the fact that we're always trying to raise money for our CBC projects, we're planning a "second annual"  fundraiser to be held on Sunday afternoon, May 4, from 3-6 pm at The Fireplace Restaurant & Lounge in Youngstown, OH . Fireplace

This year's theme - LUV IN - will feature original    members from four of the area's groundbreaking rock/pop bands of the 1960's:  EXECUTIONERS, HOLES IN THE ROAD, HUMAN BEINGZ & PIED PIPERS.  Special guests (video and in person) to be announced!

In addition to re-connecting with these band members, participants will enjoy munchies, live & recorded music, door prize drawings and an array of unique silent auction items.  Tickets are $25 (pre-sale) and $30 at the door.  We'll be sending a full announcement in the coming weeks - DON'T MISS IT!

Thanks to members of our Advisory Board who donate their professional time, our private donors, and the corporations and foundations that support us.  CreativeBridge Coalition had a GREAT 2013, and our Count Me In programs are serving almost 80 kids this year!


In addition, we owe much of our success to folks like YOU - who remain in touch with us through this newsletter.  Whether you send us a donation, share a potential project contact, visit one of our events or simply send an occasional email with best wishes, we couldn't succeed in what we do without your faithful and ongoing support.  Thanks for believing in us and what we're doing with CBC! 

We'll be in touch soon!   






Bill Bodine,

Dan Marshall

& Linda Wellendorf





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