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June, 2012
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CBC Opens Ohio Office
Youngstown, Ohio Visits
Los Angeles, California Visits
Donor Recognition
Bill's Fundraising Visits

CBC, or rather Sandie Bero and MOLO Creative, recently produced a stunning brochure.  This piece will be an effective tool for explaining exactly what we do and how people are responding to our efforts.  Please feel free to ask for one (or more if you want to help spread the word about us!) 


Brochure pg 1 cropped

Donor Plaques


Check out the pictures of the initial presentations of our special "funder's plaques".  These CBC exclusive design plaques, presented to our significant project funders, help express our enduring gratitude to these special friends who have made our 2011-2012 projects a reality. 

Advisory Board Chats


We spent time this spring talking individually with members of our Advisory Board.  We rely heavily on our board members for their support and ideas and have vowed to be proactive in engaging their powerful minds on a more frequent basis.  Board members seem to appreciate these personal conversations and we certainly appreciate their direct and honest feedback about our plans to grow and improve CBC.  We're fortunate to have such a strong and committed group of advisors!

Bill's Fundraising Visits
Trap Fundraiser
Edward James Olmos (TRAP Board Member) & Eddie Tuduri

Our frequent project partner, The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP), based in Santa Barbara, CA, staged a fundraising concert in February, featuring the legendary YellowJackets with Robin Ford.  Those who know these names can guess how incredible the music was.  Bill had a great time after the show visiting with long time friend, bassist Jimmy Haslip.  It was a great night of appreciation for all that TRAP has accomplished, and a heart-filling show of love for TRAP founder, Eddie Tuduri. 


May found Bill in Las Vegas, in support of the annual Rags for Riches charity event.  Rags has been a generous supporter of CBC, and attending this exclusive "stag" event is one of the most enjoyable things we get to do all year!

New Project Site


We're happy to announce the creation of our new, Count Me In, Vista Del Mar project in Los Angeles, California.  Vista Del Mar ( is a longstanding operation that includes the Vista School, serving students from pre-school through young adulthood.  We anticipate serving at least 30 students there with the TRAP program.  Details to follow...........

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Summer greetings from all of us at CBC!  We've had a busy 2012 thus far and are excited to share our adventures with you.  Sit back and enjoy our update!

CBC Opens Ohio Office


CreativeBridge Coalition has opened an office in Youngstown, Ohio !  


Deep personal, musical, and philanthropic roots in the Mahoning Valley and its surrounds have led us to create a "local" presence in the greater Youngstown area.  We made this decision, in part, because our friend and CBC colleague, Linda Wellendorf, is willing to expand her role with CBC beyond being our "communications czar" to include serving as a local contact and project developer.   Folks in that area can communicate directly with CBC by contacting Linda at, or by calling 330-518-5872.

Youngstown, Ohio Visits


We spent several days in Youngstown, OH in mid-February with a primary goal of announcing our new Youngstown office and introducing Linda Wellendorf, our CBC Communications Director and Youngstown Office Coordinator.  During that trip, we visited one of the five SMARTS-Trap project sites, met with representatives of the Youngstown Foundation and its Hine Fund (the entity that funded our SMARTS-Trap partnership project), Dr. Bryan DePoy, Dean of Youngstown State University's School of Fine & Performing Arts (which houses the SMARTS program), and Suzanne Barbati, Director of the OH WOW! children's museum in downtown Youngstown (

We returned to the Youngstown area in early May-this time for meetings with folks at several schools in Mahoning and Trumbull counties and Akron Children's Hospital (Mahoning Valley) regarding possible projects.  During that visit we also spent time with one of our Board Members, Georgia Backus (Director at The Rich Center) and several of our Youngstown area donors.  As always, we managed to spend time with family and friends while in town.

We plan to visit the area again in June to continue up-coming project discussions and connect with those who were unavailable last month.   In particular, we plan to meet with Suzanne Barbati about a project relating to her OH WOW! museum and head to Canton, OH to meet with Bob Bowers.  Bob runs the "Blues in Schools" program in Canton, and we hope to partner with him to promote the inclusion of special needs students in his efforts.

Los Angeles, California Visits


Stephen Flinn
Stephen Flinn
Bill and Dan visited Lanterman High School on Tuesday, 17 January, to check-in on CBC's Count Me In, Lanterman project.  While there, they met with Christina Cisneros, Lanterman's Principal, and observed each of the three student groups participating with Stephen Flinn, the project's music facilitator and veteran teacher with TRAP (The Rhythmic Arts Project), CBC's partner in the Count Me In project.
Joining Dan and Bill during that visit was Rich Maize, whose Rochelle and Richard Maize Foundation provided the matching funds necessary to get this project off the ground.  Rich was not only pleased when he saw how well the project has developed, but moved as he witnessed how powerfully the project is affecting its student participants.
Count Me In is such a "high profile" project at Lanterman that Christina often invites visitors to the school to spend time in Stephen's Classroom.  While Bill and Dan were there with Rich Maize, the superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District spent time visiting one of Stephen's TRAP sessions!

We returned to Lanterman early this month for their year-end Count Me In school assembly, featuring Stephen and the 30 students who have participated in the project during the past school year.  During our time together on the west coast Bill and Dan also visited CBC's newest site, Vista Del Mar School, and met with various donors and other "friends of CBC."

Donor Recognition


Geller/ Rags 4 Riches Award
Michael Geller accepting CBC award from Bill
CBC has had a few outstanding donors in the 2011-1012 season, and we've begun an annual tradition of recognizing these exceptionally generous supporters with a Sandie Bero designed award (the CBC equivalent of a gold record) to express our enduring gratitude to these special friends.  This year, we recognize Rich and Rochelle Maize of the Maize Foundation, Michael Geller of Rags for Riches and Rick Blase of Rick's Ranchwear (picture to appear in our next newsletter).  These three organizations are the first of a growing family with a shared goal of helping CBC bring music to the kids that need it.
Maize Foundation Award
Bill presenting CBC award to Rochelle & Rich Maize
That about winds up the CBC Spring Update Tour.  As always, we remain grateful for your continued interest and support and welcome your ideas and feedback.  We invite you to follow us regularly at our website,, and on our Facebook page at
We'll be in touch soon!
Until the fall,

Bill Bodine & Dan Marshall
CreativeBridge Coalition