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Dear Colleagues:


December has always been a special month for me. It's a time when I take inventory of all that the year has meant to me, both professionally and personally. I think about each month of the past year, and I try to remember what was most significant. Some months, it was something my wife and I did with our son, or it might have been a visit to my parents in Wisconsin. Other months were important because of the people I met or worked with on projects here in Columbus, at other locations throughout Ohio, or even as far away as Taiwan. The days, weeks and months are always packed with so many events and activities!
This month - December - is also the time of year when I think about how fortunate I've been. I reflect on the many positive things that have come my way at home and at work, and I think about the many opportunities I've been given and the special things that have happened to those who are close to me. I also ponder all the good things our college does as we care for Ohio's citizens in need, educate the next generations of health care providers, and do the scientific research that benefits the lives of others. In the end, regardless of the year, I always realize how truly blessed I've been.
These year-end thoughts and feelings give me a great sense of fulfillment, and they motivate me to think about plans for the coming year. I'm already considering ways to more fully meet the expectations so many have of us. We'll work hard for a successful accreditation, while we continue to recruit outstanding students, hire new senior staff and faculty, forge strong relationships with our alumni, and show our true value to this University. As we combine our efforts and energy, I know we can accomplish it all.
Here's to a most gratifying 2012. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.



College News

New Dental Hygiene Master's Degree Program Debuts in Fall 2013

When fall semester starts in 2013, the College of Dentistry will welcome a new crop of dental hygienists seeking master's level education. The Master's Degree in Dental Hygiene program will be the first in the state of Ohio, and its graduates will fill a great need in the dental community. 


Dr. Canise Bean Inducted into International College of Dentists

Dr. Canise Bean, Director of the Office of Community Education, was recently inducted into the International College of Dentists (ICD), the oldest and largest international honorary dental organization in the world, whose members embody the ICD's motto, "Recognizing Service and the Opportunity to Serve." The ceremony was held in San Francisco on October 19. 


Save the Date: Tuesday, Dec.18; Presentation by VP of Technology Commercialization 

On Tuesday, December 18, from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. in Postle Hall, room 3123, Ohio State's Vice President of Technology Commercialization Brian Cummings will give a presentation to College of Dentistry faculty.

Topics will include ways to evaluate new technology commercialization proposals, service timelines for those proposals, and defining intellectual property rights. 

Awards for Staff and Faculty Given at Dean's Appreciation Party

Dean Patrick M. Lloyd  presented two staff awards and one faculty award at the annual Dean's Appreciation Party on December 5.

Ms. Emily Lyles received the Mark Dawson Staff Award for Excellence, and Ms. Mary Weekly was honored with the inaugural presentation of the college's Outstanding Staff Award. Not present for the event, but also honored was Dr. Robert Jaynes, who received the Postle Teaching Award.


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Senior Dental Hygiene Students Honored at ODHA Annual Meeting


The College of Dentistry had a successful showing at this year's Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association (ODHA) annual session, held November 2-4 at Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark, Ohio.  


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President Gee Treats Dental Students to Dinner, Music, and More!

On Friday, November 30, President Gee treated four College of Dentistry students to dinner at Sloopy's café in the Ohio Union. The group then attended the School of Music's 20th Annual Musical Celebration Concert at the Mershon Auditorium, wrapping up the evening with a tour of several student-sponsored events on campus.
Student Government Association vice president and D3 student George Williams accompanied President Gee with fellow dental students Tim Bennet (D3), Cindy Ledermeier (D2) and Gretta Seif (D1). 


Dean Patrick M. Lloyd commented, "Interactions like these mean so much to our students and to all of us in the college community. What a great way to start the holiday season, knowing as we do that Ohio State's President feels so strongly about our college -- the place where we care for our patients, educate our students, and conduct research."

Save the Date!
The Great Mandiball: Feb.15, 2013 

The College of Dentistry's Student Government Association (SGA) will present The Great Mandiball dinner and dance celebrating the 1920s from 6:30 to 11:30 p.m. on Friday, February 15, at the Columbus Atheneum.

Sponsored by the SGA and the Dental Alumni Society, the event will feature music, a photo booth, dinner, refreshments, and dancing. All students, faculty, staff, and alumni are invited to attend this annual celebration!
Stay tuned for more details!  


Mighty Molars Win Back-to-Back Flag Football Championships


The Class of 2014's Inter-Professional Council (IPC) Flag Football intramural team successfully defended their 2011 title by defeating the top-seeded College of Law 16-0 on November 18th.


The Molars finished the season at 4-1. Team members included Dave Pipitone, Sahar Parvani, Ryan Platt, Mike Lochtefeld, Mike Pappas, Jessica Overmeyer, Amanda Rhoades, Ryan Benson, Julie Hull, George Williams, Vivian Airail, Caitlin Glover, Derek Ross, Elyse Grothouse, and Chelsea George.


IPC is a representative body of professional students in the colleges of Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine. Its purpose is to act as a liaison between these students and the governing bodies of the University.


Congratulations, back-to-back champs! 


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