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Blue Hills Sports & Spine's Monthly Newsletter
July 2016                                                                                           Issue # 65
Got Neck & Back Pain?

At Blue Hills Sports & Spine Rehabilitation, we are well known for our modern approach to the treatment of neck and back pain. In the "old days", the advice was rest, avoid lifting and modify your lifestyle to help prevent back pain. Boy was that advice wrong! The modern approach to neck and back pain is a full 180 degree shift. We get people back to life again by incorporating guided, patient specific exercise programs that restore mobility, strength and help eliminate pain. Some call our program a "boot camp", but really it's a comprehensive approach to the treatment of neck and back pain. We are Physical Therapists and the treatment should be "Physical". To learn more about our approach and a few simple facts about neck and back pain, click here. If you, or someone you know is suffering with neck and back pain, seeing one of our expert Physical Therapists can get you on the way to a full recovery. "Why Let Pain Win?"
Choose PT Instead of Opioids!

The dependence on opioids has been a growing problem in the United States. Although the use of opioids is appropriate for a number of severe medical conditions, the regular use for musculoskeletal issues (neck, back and joint pain) has been met with large criticism. Many of these conditions can be made much better (if not entirely resolved) with a good Physical Therapy program. Although taking medications is easier than working hard in a rehabilitation program, the opioids don't work on solving the issues, only masking them. The American Physical Therapy Association has some good information about Choosing PT instead of Opioids. To learn more, click here. If you are someone that has been depending on opioids to manage pain, give Physical Therapy a try!
Start With Some Stretching

At Blue Hills Sports & Spine, we see lots of people with neck and back pain. The majority of these people have some limitations in the their flexibility that is contributing to the pain and one of the first things we start with is a good home stretching program (in addition to what we do in PT!). For each of our patients, we develop a custom stretching program to help them address their specific tightness, but starting with a general stretching program has been shown to be very helpful. Good mobility is just one part of the equation to a healthy neck and back, but it's a start. To see a series of short videos to help stretch the most common areas of tightness, click on the picture above. If you have questions, reach out to one of our experts at any of our locations.

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