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June 2016                                                                                           Issue # 64
Suprise...Hiking Is Good For you!

Although not "earth shattering" information, apparently hiking is good for you! I am sure we are all aware of the cardiovascular and strength benefits of getting out and taking a good hike, but researches have shown that there are some pretty strong brain benefits to getting out in the woods and taking a walk. A recent study has shown that not only do you increase your heartrate and strength from getting out and taking a hike, but that it also helps decrease negative thoughts, improve creativity and helps people with ADHD focus! For your general well being, it looks like a good walk in the woods will help you in many different ways. In our area we have some great places to "take a hike". Here are the trail maps for the Middlesex Fells Reservation(Boston Area), Blue Hills Reservation and the Myles Standish State Forest. Print a map and do your brain a favor and take a hike!

Can You Pat Yourself On The Back?

Shoulder and upper body flexibility are things we assess and treat all the time as Physical Therapists. Having full mobility is something many people take for granted and as we age, or if we have had prior injuries, it is something that gets overlooked and in the future can be a cause of future injuries. Because tightness in the upper back, neck and shoulder is often related to muscle pain and stiffness, testing your shoulder flexibility may help determine your risk for future pain and injury. This month we have put together some simple tests that you can do at home to see how our upper body flexibility is. Click here for the tests and give them a may be surprised at the results! Make sure you challenge your family and friends with these tests too!
Help Increase Your Mobility

Upper body mobility is often overlooked and it is a leading cause of visits to a doctor or physical therapist. If you have tried our flexibility tests and failed, then you need to take some steps to improve our upper body mobility to hopefully prevent some injuries in the future. We have put together some simple stretches you can start right away to help improve your upper body mobility. As always, if you have pain or feel that your limitations are pretty severe, come in and see one of our experts at Blue Hills Sports & Spine. Click here for the stretching program...and good luck!

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