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Blue Hills Sports & Spine's Monthly Newsletter
March 2016                                                                                           Issue # 61
Time To "Play Ball"!

Pitchers and catchers have already reported to Spring Training and it's time to start thinking out baseball and softball season for both youth sports and adult recreational leagues. If you don't have the luxury of being on a professional team with access to a year round training program, it's not too late to tune yourself up before your season begins. A good month of paying attention to getting your muscles a little stronger and a little more flexible before you throw from a mound, or try to throw out a runner from deep in center field can make a difference. We have put together a couple of basic programs for stretching (click here) and strengthening (click here) to get you ready. Go easy with the programs and hopefully a few exercises geared to the throwing athlete get you off on the right foot this season. If you are not planning on playing on team, but helping your son or daughter get ready for their season, give these a try!
It's Leg Day!

Getting ready to return to spring soccer, lacrosse, tennis or just being able to run outside in the warm weather is just around the corner. Have you been preparing your legs for the jumping, quick starts and stops and other dynamic requirements? If not, start now! We have put together a good, simple program to help get your legs back in shape and hopefully keep you doing whatever sport or recreational activity you want to. It doesn't require very much equipment and most people can do this at home. Click here for the program. The exercises are dynamic and fairly advanced, so please make sure you are fit enough to be doing them.

All About Graston

At Blue Hills Sports & Spine, each of our offices has clinical staff that have been formally trained in the Graston Technique. Our use of Graston as part of our approach for tendon and muscle injuries has led to great outcomes for our patients. It works especially well with the recovery of tendonitis/tendinosis, plantar fascitis, achilles tendonitis, iliotibial band tendonitis as well as helping with recovery from muscle strains. If you want to learn more about the Graston Technique, click here for an informative handout from Graston. If you feel that Graston might be for you, contact any of our locations and you will be booked with one of our trained clinical staff.

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