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Issue: #56

October 2015

Some Of Our Favorite Exercises...

For Neck and Upper Back Pain.

Many people are suffering from "technology" neck these days...too much time sitting and staring at a screen or hunched with a smart phone in your hand. All that time being flexed forward from the neck and rounded forward from the shoulders can lead to pain in the neck, headaches or a nagging discomfort between your shoulder blades. We treat people with these issues all the time, but there are some simple exercises that you can do with some elastic tubing at home (or at the gym) to help keep you out of our office. Click the picture to the right to be lead to a series of short videos that demonstrate the exercises.

Got Back Pain?
Try These Simple Stretches.
Most people will have an episode of LBP at some point in their lives...some people have it every day. In most cases, the LBP is "mechanical", meaning it is due to either tightness, weakness or a combination of both. Sometimes it's from using some your back muscles in a new way. Here is a quick seven minute stretching program to help loosen up your back muscles. Click here to get a PDF version of the program...and start matter how busy you are, you have seven minutes!
All You Ever Wanted To Know About...
...Golfers Elbow.
Golfers Elbow (or pitchers elbow), isn't just for athletes. Although golfing and throwing a baseball are very good ways to cause this type of injury, any activity that you forcefully and repetitely put stress on your wrist flexors can cause this. With the fall approaching, many people will be raking leaves and maybe even chopping some wood. Although not nearly as fun as golfing or playing baseball, these are a couple good ways to cause some symptoms. The medical term is "medial epicondylitis" and the symptoms will be pain and soreness along the inside of your elbow. At Blue Hills Sports & Spine we have successfully treated many patients with this condition. To learn all about medial epicondylitis and how to diagnose and treat it, click the picture above.

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