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Issue: #54

August 2015

Got Back Pain From Sitting All Day?

Could Be A Weak Back...

Even if you don't sit all day, in general most people just don't do enough to strengthen the muscles the support their back. Having a weak "extensor chain" can be a leading cause of low back pain and doing some simple exercises a few times a week can go a long way in helping your reduce your symptoms. To get a print out of the exercises, click here. If you would like some expert advice before you start a program, don't hesitate to contact one of our offices. If you have had surgery on your back, don't attempt these exercises without getting cleared by your surgeon.

Everything You Wanted To Know About...
...Hamstring Injuries!

At Blue Hills Sports & Spine we regularly see patients that have issues related to their hamstrings. If they are too tight or too weak they can cause problems with your back, your hips and knees and cause limitations in sports and normal everyday activities. I am sure you have heard about a professional athlete that has missed most of a season due to a simple hamstring strain, so it's important to know what to do should you sustain one. Keeping a muscle at it's full length and it's peak strength is important...and really important for hamstrings. To learn more about your hamstrings and potential injuries, click on the photo on the right.



Senior Fitness Tips...
...It's All About The Legs.
As we start to age, it's not uncommon for exercise and activity to start to slow down a little. As activity level decreases, so will muscle strength. Before you know it, getting out of a chair, walking for short distances, or climbing a few steps starts to become difficult. Some simple exercises can help to keep you moving, keep your legs strong and also help with endurance for walking and improving balance. If this describes you, or someone you know, then click here to view the exercises to try. If you have had hip/knee or back surgery, or other health issues that have prevented you from exercising, check with your MD to get cleared. Should you need some expert instruction, contact any of our locations.

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