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Issue: #51

May 2015

Strength Training In Season For Baseball Players...


Should You Do It?


Spring has finally arrived in New England and baseball players of all levels are taking the field...but should they also be hitting the weight room too? In the past there was very little strength training during the season, but there is mounting evidence that continuing to hit the weight room during the season can really help to maintain all the strength and stamina that you built up in the off season. John Jones, MSPT has put together some information on this topic. To read more, click here

Are You Heading For A Knee Replacement?
If So, Here Are A Few Tips To Help Make It A Success...

Are you getting ready to have a knee replacement in the next year or so? If you are, you are not alone. More than 500,000 knee replacements are currently being performed annually in the United States. Some experts expect that number to increase by as much as 600% in the next 20 years (yes..that is 600%!). People are living longer and staying active well into their 80's and 90's...and one way to stay active is through joint, replacement surgery. If you are one of the 100's of thousands of people expected to get a replacement, there are some things you can do to help make sure it's a success. Christine Cormier, MSPT has put together some helpful tips for you (or a family member or friend) to consider. Click here to read more.

Patella Femoral Pain Is Not Just All About The Quads...
Some Simple Exercises To Help Keep Knee Pain Away.
If you are like most people, you have a regular form of exercise that you like to do, whether it be walking, running, cycling or even more intense activities like Cross Fit. Despite regular training, you may still not be exercising all the right muscles...especially if you are experiencing knee cap area pain. All the experts agree that although strong quadriceps muscles are important, it's also vital to have strong hip abductors and external-rotators. We have put together a simple program to help you target these areas and help keep you going. Click here for the exercise program. 

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