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Issue: #45

November 2014

A Great Way To Get Exercise And Give To Charity...


The 4th Annual Jingle Jaunt

For the past few years, the Morrison School in Braintree has held their annual Jingle Jaunt fundraiser for their school...and for the last few years, Blue Hills Sports & Spine has been one of their sponsors. If you are looking for a good way to burn off some of those extra calories you are going to be taking in during the holiday season, then keep December 7th @ 9 am open. The race goes right through Pond Meadow Park in Braintree. To find out more information about the event, or, to sign up to run please click on the Jingle Jaunt logo to the right. 

How Fit Are You?
Ready To Be Tested? 
Have you ever wondered how "fit" you were, but really weren't too sure how to measure it? There are hundreds of ways that involve expensive equipment and costly appointments...or you can do it yourself at home! This month we have put together a very simple "At Home Fitness Test", utilizing some basic exercise movements to give you an idea of your general fitness level. Doing some timed bouts of push ups, sit ups, squats and step-ups...and then comparing your results to some charts with standardized results for your age will give you some basic knowledge of how fit you are. Do it with family or friends and see how everyone ranks! Click here for the instructions and good luck!


It's Not Too Late....
...To Get Ready For Ski Season.

I know most of us don't want to think about snow yet...but there are plenty of people that love to ski and snowboard who just can't wait to get started. If you are one of those people and you haven't been keeping yourself in shape, it's not too late to get started. We have put together a simple program you can do at home (or the gym) to get your body in shape for the rigors of skiing and snow boarding. Doing some simple training now can really help keep you on the slopes this season. Click here for the program and get started today!




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