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Issue: #41       

July 2014

You Just Learned That You Surgery On Your Neck...


What To Expect.

No one wants to have surgery...especially not surgery on their neck! If you have been suffering with severe neck pain and/or have had loss of muscle strength in your arms and you have exhausted all the conservative treatment options available today, then sometimes it is a necessity. So now that you have made the decision, what can you expect to happen. To see some helpful information about many of the surgical techniques that currently being used to treat the cervical spine, click on the picture to the right.

Got A Stiff Neck??
Here Are Some Simple Stretches To Keep You Moving.
I am sure you have heard the saying "lose it or lose it". When it comes to flexibility and mobility of your neck and upper back, it really is the truth. At Blue Hills Sports & Spine we regularly see patients that have developed neck pain and one of the main reasons is because of their lack of mobility. Too many hours on a keyboard, at your desk, driving long distances or using your smart phone can lead to shortness and tightness of the muscles that support your neck and upper back. To see a series of short instructional videos that we have put together specifically for the neck and upper back, click on the photo to the right. 
Pain Is Just Weakness Leaving Your Body....
...So Let's Strengthen That Neck!

Neck and upper back pain is quite often has a root cause of muscle weakness. When the muscles that support your neck, upper back and shoulders aren't strong enough to resist the constant pull of gravity, you can develop protective muscle spasms or "knots" in the postural muscles. These form because your muscles still need to hold your head up and your shoulder back...and hours of time on keyboards or smartphones taxes them to a point that they want to quit. If you are not doing regular strength training to build and maintain strength in these muscles, it is likely you could develop neck and upper back pain. There are some simple things you can do at home (or a the gym) that can help prevent or alleviate this strength related neck pain. For a series of short videos on the exercise to perform, click on the picture to the right. To purchase your own kit of theraband and handles, click here.

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