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Issue: #40        

June 2014

Missing Some "Umph" In Your Activities?


Get Your Explosiveness Back

If you are just starting out in sports, or, if you are an aging athlete that is starting to realize that they just don't have that burst of speed or ability to jump anymore, you might be missing something from your workouts. As far as explosiveness goes, it is not necessarily something you are born need to build it. If you used to have it and have lost it, it doesn't have to be gone forever! Use it or lose it has never been more true when it comes to explosiveness and agility. This month we have put together a quick article on some simple things you can add to your workout to help you get that burst of explosiveness back into your activities. Click here to go to the article.

Got Low Back Pain??
Hamstrings Might Be The Key To Unlock Your Pain.
You can't walk by an endcap of fitness magazines in a store without seeing the newest, latest, best way to "strengthen your core". This is usually what you are told to do if you have low back pain...strengthen your core. Although your "core" is important, the real key might just be your hamstrings. In the vast majority of people we see with symptoms of low back pain, we find that they also have really tight hamstrings...and really weak hamstrings. People just don't like to stretch and strengthen this area. The hamstrings play a huge part in your ability to forward bend without putting excessive pressure on the muscles of your low back. Additionally they play an even larger role in your ability to safely lift. This month we have put together a simple program of exercise to get your stretching and strengthening this often overlooked area. Please click here to get the program. As always, if you are not sure if you are ready to start a program, check with your MD, or, come in and see us to get you started correctly.
Barefoot or Minimalist Running....
...Is It All It Claims To Be?

Running is more popular than ever and one topic that keeps coming to the forefront is the trend of barefoot or minimalist running. There have been a number of popular books published on the subject and we are asked about it all the time. The APTA (american physical therapy association) has published a good reference sheet that discusses some of the claims of barefoot running and the truth behind on the picture to be taken to this article.

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