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Issue: #37

     March 2014

Spring Training Has Started...


...Are You Ready To Play Ball?

It has been a pretty rough winter so far, but spring is just around the corner and that means lot's of kids (and adults) will be taking the field to play ball. Lots of people participate in year round conditioning for baseball and are ready to go, but many others don't pick up a baseball until late in the spring when practice begins. Here are a few things you can start now to get you ready to throw and hopefully keep you on the field and out of the waiting room of a doctors office. With any program, start slow if you haven't been preparing. Here is a great basic workout to get your arms in shape for hitting and throwing...the throwers 10 (click here). After a few weeks of doing the throwers 10, you will be ready to start building up your ability to is an interval throwing program to get you on your way (click here). Warm weather is right around the corner, so start today!

Injury Prevention
Is Injury Prevention An Oxymoron?
You hear a lot about injury prevention...but can injuries really be prevented? In some cases yes...if you are careful, have the right equipment and follow all the rules. But, accidents do happen, so it is important to know what to expect and what to do when they occur. This month we have put together a quick guideline on injury "prevention" as well as some simple tips on what to do when the injury does occur and more importantly, when it is time to see a professional for that injury. Click here to read or print our guidelines.
Chronic pain...
...Mind Over Matter!

Chronic pain is something that effects millions of people and is truly an epidemic...but one that can very often be helped by the right physical therapy program. Almost everyone knows someone that has battled, or is currently battling with chronic pain and the amount of advice and management through medication that these people receive is enormous. The APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) is dedicated to keeping America moving. Sir Isaac Newton outlined the basic principle that many physical therapists use with their chronic pain patients with the first rule of physics: "A body in motion tends to stay in motion". Exercise for people with chronic pain is vital in helping them overcome their symptoms and retrain their central nervous system. To read more about the effect physical therapy can have, click on the "Move" picture above. To enroll in a progressive program, contact Blue Hills Sports & Spine.

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