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Issue: #31

     September 2013

Fitness for Baby Boomers

Seniors Walking Shaping the "Boomer" Generation

There is lots of talk about the effect that "baby boomers" are going to have on healthcare (and social security) in the future, so we thought we would point out how important it is for "boomers" to keep fit. Exercise should be a vital part for people of all generations, but "boomers" are setting the pace, with many of them staying very active. If you are of that generation and are thinking about keeping your fitness level up, here are some simple tips to keep you safe and healthy as you either start a new program or intensify a new one. Click on the photo to the right to be taken our quick list of fitness tips for "boomers".

Yup...There's An App For That
Make Your Smart Phone Your Workout Partner.
It's hard to believe that there was a time when we didn't even have cell they do everything and some have as much memory and function as a laptop! If you haven't tapped into the many smart phone apps that have been developed for tracking exercise, calories or helping motivate you to get up and get going, I came across a list of some good ones to get you going...the funny thing is I found the list while surfing the web on my smartphone...Click the image to be taken to the list.
The Way We Work Isn't Helping....
A Few Minutes a Day Just Might Keep You Out of Our Offices...

The average American worker commutes 45 minutes each way (sitting), then arrives at work to sit for another 8-10 hours. This is followed by a commute home then generally sitting again for dinner. This is followed by "unwinding" at the end of the day by either sitting in front of the television, or sitting in front of your computer...I think you see where this is going. We sit a lot! Because of this we are seeing more and more people with tight hamstrings, tight hip flexors, tight pectoral muscles and tight neck muscles. I guess good for us, but bad for them, right?? To help combat this sitting, get up and do some stretching for just a few minutes a day. Grab a few co-workers and make it an will be glad you did. Click here for the printout of simple workplace stretches.

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