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Issue: #27

     May, 2013

Pitching Limits for Youth Softball

How many pitches is too many!


Spring is here...and scattered around our towns there are tons of youth softball players taking the field. You can't pick up a newspaper without reading about some big league pitchers shoulder, but what about the arms of our softball players in the youth leagues. Most of these teams are one dominant pitcher away from a league title, but how many pitches are too many. There are many guidelines available, but here is some good information from Stop Sports To go to the article, just click on the photo up above.

Weight Lifting For Kids
Is It Safe?

This month our resident expert on weight lifting Dave Mansfield, MSPT, CSCS talks about whether or not having your kids do strength training is really safe. There is lots of information out there, but not all of it is good...and that goes for a lot of the training methods being used with kids. Today youth sports is more competitive than ever, and proper strength training is vital in helping to achieve peak performance and help prevent injuries. Click on the photo above to go to Dave's article. 

Soccer, ACL Injuries and Women Athletes.


Female Athletes More Prone To ACL Injuries...

With a new soccer season starting for some, it sometimes means that a soccer season is ending for some others...due to injuries. It isn't new news that female athletes have a much higher prevalence of ACL injuries than their male counterparts, but, can it be prevented? One method that has been touted as being successful is PEP Training, which is a 15 minute program that can be done in the time of a traditional warm up. Use of this approach has been shown to greatly reduce injuries. To be taken to a the program, click here. Give it a try and hopefully it keeps you out of our offices and on the field!

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