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Issue: #25

     March, 2013

Are You Fit??

The APTA Develops An Adult Fitness Examination


Fitness is something everyone is talking about, but how do you know if you are truly "fit"? What does being "fit" really mean anyway? The APTA has come up with a baseline evaluation to determine a persons general fitness level. In involves assessing cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, strength, balance and overall mobility...all the components of a "fit" person. We are working on incorporating these fitness or wellness evaluations into our practice, but currently it is something that will not be paid by insurance. In an effort to gain knowledge on who might be interested in seeing "how fit they are" we are asking for you to complete a simple two question survey to help us make our decision on adding this service to our locations. To go to the survey, please click here.
I Did What??
All About Shoulder Labrum Tears

Something we see quite regularly is patients with labrum tears in their shoulder. It can happen with throwing athletes, industrial athletes or even when falling onto your shoulder with your arm outstretched to break your fall. Not every labrum tear requires surgery, but almost all of them will benefit from some physical therapy to restore mobility and strength. Click the image to the right to be taken to our patient education center to learn everything you wanted to know about labrum tears but was too afraid to ask!

Common Running Injuries And Making The Right Choices For Care.


Dr Shum Interviewed by

If you are a runner, being sidelined from your regular training with an injury can take both a physical and emotional toll on you. Recent research shows that up to 82% of runners get sidelined at some point or another, so how you recover is very important. Dr Ryan Shum (from our
Boston Location) just did a great interview with discussing how to make the best choices for your injury recovery. Click on the image of Dr Shum above to being taken to the interview.

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